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Metal Pendants
We have a vast selection of metal pendants for your latest necklace design project. From vibrantly colored metal pendants to antique brass flowers to antique copper skeleton keys to gunmetal filigrees, we have everything you need to ignite that spark of creativity and get you started!
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About Metal Pendants

Metal pendants are very popular and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. In recent years, base metal pendants with a plating or coating of color have become increasingly popular as have pendants that are embedded with crystals or coated with enamel. We are pretty proud of our selection of metal pendants and want to share with you a few thing about how these pendants are made and how you can use them in your jewelry designs.
  • Brass pendants: The most common type of brass pendants we come across are antique brass. This does not mean they are true antique pieces. What antique brass means is that the color of the plating is not a bright, brassy gold but is more vintage in its coloring. Typically, antique brass pendants will have a base of pewter, brass or an alloy of base metals with a thin layer of a plating of antique brass on top. Antique brass is a warm metal that pairs well with colors like olive green, turquoise blue, white and cream. It is especially pretty when paired with gemstones and pearls.
  • Copper pendants: There are two kinds of copper pendants. One is solid copper, which is typically that bright orange colored metal you think of when you think of copper. The other is antique copper. Like antique brass, antique copper is actually just the color of the plating. Antique copper pendants will typically have a base of pewter or an alloy. Antique copper is a very warm, rustic metal that works well with the same colors as antique brass and is particularly stunning with turquoise beads. Because of its color, antique copper is a versatile metal that also works well with silver.
  • Gold pendants: Because of the rising price of gold, it is difficult (and expensive!) to find gold filled or true gold pendants. In the past decade or so, the plating process has become such that one cannot tell by looking at a piece whether it is plated or not and plated pieces have the durability and timelessness they didn't have many years ago. Whether there is a pewter or brass base, the electromagnetic plating process applies a thin layer of gold - usually 14kt - to the base metal so you get the look and feel of gold without the price tag. Gold plated pendants will either come in a bright, traditional gold color or in an antique gold. Either of these looks great with jewel tones such as emerald, amethyst and ruby. We especially love gold when paired with Swarovki crystals.
  • Gunmetal pendants: Gunmetal, which is sometimes called black oxide, is a metallic dark gray colored plating very similar to hematite in color. Like antique brass and antique copper pendants, gunmetal pendants are typically plated with a base metal of pewter or brass. This is a finish that really does work well with a lot of other metals: silver for a polished contrast, antique brass for a vintage vibe, and gold for a sparkling dramatic effect. Gunmetal pendants pair well with colors like soft pinks and purples as well as bright colors like green and blue.
  • Pewter pendants: There has been a lot of buzz around pewter lately. It has quickly become one of our best selling and most sought after metals, that's for sure! Why is that? Probably because pewter, being mostly tin and copper with alloys of other metals, is very affordable. Plus, in years past, lead has been a component of pewter but, due to safety concerns, that is no longer the case. Pewter also does not contain nickel, so it is hypo-allergenic. This means pewter can offer you the look of silver, gold and genuine copper, but at a fraction of the price and without concern about quality. Pewter is also the most common base for plated pieces and the finishes - silver, antique silver, antique brass, antique copper, gunmetal and gold - are often gorgeous.
  • Silver plated pendants: We often get asked what exactly silver plating is. As was mentioned with gold earlier, the plating process occurs when an electromagnetic plating is applied to the surface of the base metal. Most of the time, when something is silver plated, it is plated in sterling silver. This process of creating a thin layer of silver around a base metal makes silver pendants much more affordable than if you were to purchase sterling silver pendants. As is the case with any silver item, though, you will have to watch for tarnishing. This process generally occurs when products are exposed to air and acidity in the skin. We recommend that you keep silver pendants in air-tight containers when not in use or not being worn to prevent tarnishing.
There are lots of fun ways to work with metal pendants. Sometimes, it is helpful to pick a pendant first and then come up with a color scheme or pattern around the pendant. With metal, though, you have so much versatility that sometimes it is fun to pick a strand of, say, gemstone beads first and then pick your pendant. For example, if you have a strand of turquoise laying around that you just haven't decided what to do with, pick a copper pendant and some copper beads and create something fun and new!

Projects Featuring Metal Pendants

Check out our featured projects below to see just how to use metal pendants with pearls, crystals, gemstones, seed beads, chain and more! These projects also illustrate how color can be used in fun and creative ways to really make those metal pendants pop!

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