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Jewelry Making Wire
Whether it is jewelry wire or craft wire you are after, Auntie's Beads has all of your needs covered. From 49-strand professional grade Beadalon stringing wire to 20 gauge permanently coated copper Artistic Wire to flexible and versatile memory wire, you will find the perfect wire for your next jewelry design right here!
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Jewelry Making Wire

Wire is an essential item in any jewelry maker's stash of products. Whether you are new to making jewelry or a seasoned pro, you will find that wire is one thing you just cannot live without. Here are a few things everyone should know about choosing the right wire for the right application:
  • Beadalon wire is a stringing material that allows you to create professional, polished beaded necklace and bracelet designs. It comes in 7-strand, 19-strand and 49-strand. (The number indicates the how many tiny stainless steel cables are wrapped in nylon.) 49-strand is the sturdiest while still being soft and supple; this is the professional grade beading wire - and a favorite of our design team. These beading wires come in a variety of diameters: .015", .018", etc. You will use a .015" or .018" with most gemstones, crystals and glass beads. Heavier diameters, like .036", are meant for large, heavy beads.
  • Artistic wire is a craft wire with a copper base. It comes in a variety of colors and is permanently coated, so it resists flaking, chipping or peeling. This kind of wire can be tricky for some. It is best to remember that the higher the number, the smaller the wire. (22 gauge, for example, is softer than 18 gauge.) The possibilities with craft wire are endless. You can make wire wrapped rings and bracelets using 20 gauge wire. You can crochet with 26 or 28 gauge wire. 24 gauge wire is great for wire wrapping beads with small holes, such as freshwater pearls. You can make wire wrapped pendants or briolettes with 22 gauge wire... You will find that craft wire offers so many different options.
  • Memory wire is a tempered wire that offers the designer the ability to create one size fits all necklaces and bracelets. You can quickly and easily create cuff style bracelets or designs that look multi-stranded using memory wire. Putting tubing on the memory wire quickly changes the whole look of a piece.

Projects and Videos Using Wire

We don't just provide the products and information related to the products, we show you how to use them! Try out these free beading projects and videos featuring beading wire, craft wire and memory wire!

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