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You Go, Girl! Bracelet (Archive)
You Go, Girl! Bracelet (Archive)
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You Go, Girl! Bracelet

I have a friend whose weight loss journey has been truly inspirational. Simply making a resolution to diet and exercise wasn't enough to give her all the willpower she needed so she created a visual reminder of what the struggle was all about: a charm bracelet. The dress represented clothing she wanted to fit; the shoe and purse represented items she would buy herself as rewards for her hard work; and the crown and words reminded her of her beautiful inner qualities. Guess what? It worked! She lost 30 pounds in one year!

Shanna Steele, Auntie's Beads Designer

Please note: We no longer carry some or all of the materials used to create this piece; therefore, the instructions and list of materials needed to complete this project are not available. This piece is demonstrated for inspiration purposes only.
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