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Wrap Bracelets Video (9111)


A customer suggested that we do a video on wrap bracelets. Once I started learning how to do them, I got hooked. It's a very versatile and trendy stitch that you can do with practically any bead and any color of leather. Have fun and don't get tangled in your thread!
Kelly McCoy, Auntie's Beads Designer
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Materials and Tools Used
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, Cream, Size D
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, Cream,
Size D
Your Price: $1.70
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
Your Price: $2.49
Bead Board, 9in x 12 1/2in
Bead Board, 9in x 12 1/2in

Your Price: $4.99
2mm Round Leather Cord, Dark Brown
2mm Round Leather Cord, Dark Brown
Your Price: $1.99
2mm Round Leather Cord, Black
2mm Round Leather Cord, Black
Your Price: $1.99
2mm Round Leather Cord, Distressed Brown
2mm Round Leather Cord, Distressed Brown
Your Price: $1.99
On sale: $1.39 On Sale
Wrap Bracelets - Video BLOOPERS
Wrap Bracelets
English Beading Needles, Size 10, 4-Pack
English Beading Needles, Size 10, 4-Pack
Your Price: $2.29
G-S Hypo Cement
G-S Hypo Cement

Your Price: $5.99
On sale: $4.39 On Sale
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, Black, Size D
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, Black,
Size D
Your Price: $1.70
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, White, Size D
Nymo Nylon Beading Thread, White,
Size D
Your Price: $1.80
20" Beadalon Bead Board
20" Beadalon Bead Board

Your Price: $6.99
Classic Nipper Tool
Classic Nipper Tool

Your Price: $7.69
Customer Reviews
great job
FYI - she does mention the size of the beads she is using at the beginning when she first starts string process... I think she did a great job explaining and went at a great pace that it was very easy to follow and pick up.... Great job
Reviewed by: Annie McCormack from Boston Mass.. on 3/25/2014
Wrap Bracelets
I use a clipboard,thread a button to the middle of leather & clamp. Take bottom of leather & clip to bottom of clipboard. Take a bic pen & slide it under leather at bottom to make it easier to weave. Tie 3 square knots w/ thread under leather at top, unclamp button & push up. Wrap thread 3x's around each cord so both ends in middle thread needle.
Reviewed by: Cathy B from Indiana. on 2/17/2014
Loved the video.
I just started being interested in making wrap bracelets. This video is very clear and easy to follow. This is something I must try.
Reviewed by: Sheryle Mills from Keller, Texas. on 8/6/2013
Wrap bracelet video
I'm a beginner and loved her video! I had just finished a 4-wrap and wished I had seen her video first! I could have made 3 in the time it took me to make just one;-) Easy to follow instructions... thanks!
Reviewed by: cindra schwartz from plantation florida. on 7/19/2013
Love these bracelets,
I'm so glad I found this tutorial. I love these and can't wait to make one. I wish the bead size was mentioned, I'm new to jewelry making and need all the details.
Reviewed by: lisa from Texas. on 8/16/2012
wrap bracelts
I intend to make these bracelets with rat tail too. I was wondering how you know where to start the loop for the wrapped loops since you need some "shank" to wrap the wire around. Is there a general rule of thumb?
Reviewed by: Pat from CA. on 8/7/2012
Like it, but....
I like it and plan to make a bracelet today. Thank you for the free video.
Reviewed by: Tutie from TX. on 4/1/2012
Wrapped Bracelet
I've found using a clipboard and the binder clip at the bottom to hold the cord is much easier than using a bead board. Also, I like to sew thru my beads one extra time before picking up a new bead to form a loop around both cords - seems to help keep the beads straight easier. Also, threading a button in the middle of the cord for a clasp works really well.
Reviewed by: Janette from Henderson NV. on 3/26/2012
loved it
loved it. i was told a friend took a class and it cost her $60 to teach this bracelet. ha ha ha
Reviewed by: francinebelcuore from venice fl. on 3/23/2012
Wrap Bracelet
This video is very well done. The instructions are easy to follow. I can't wait to get started. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Lillian from Jefferson, Ga.. on 2/11/2012
Wrap Braclelets/Kelly
Great video on these bracelets, one suggestion, I had a hard time keeping the clips on the beading board, so I purchased a clip board at local office store, I got the long one,if you clip the end one and put 1 prone down, your thread won't hit it and get tangled...these work up really fast and have 2 going for granddaughter Thanks Sheila
Reviewed by: Sheila Rogers from Redding,Ca. on 10/21/2011
Great video!
This video is great! It helped me learn how to make wrap bracelets! I now sell my wrap bracelets and buy all my beads from Aunties Beads! This video is really good on showing you how to get started! Making wrap bracelets is really easy once you get the hang of it! They used to take me forever to make but now I can make them in no time! Thank you so much for providing this video!!
Reviewed by: Sarah Smith from Texas. on 8/4/2011
So easy to make!
I love these bracelets! A few things I have noticed: (1) size 2mm or 4mm beads are easier to string, (2) if you use smaller beads (2mm or 4mm) you need more than 10 yards of thread (I used about 12 yards of thread for 2mm beads), (3) if you use 6mm or larger size beads, I recommend using a smaller bead for the first and last threaded bead.
Reviewed by: Alex from Arizona. on 7/9/2011
Great Video!
This video is super easy to follow and I get complimented on these bracelets every single time I wear one of them. (I say one of them, since I've made many!)
Reviewed by: Valerie Rix from Chicago, IL. on 6/21/2011
Found another Blooper
Greetings, Another blooper for Kelli Mc Coy. I watched this video 3-4 times and it was never mentioned what size beads to use. I am new to beading, but I do know that size and shape matter in beading. Please help. Thanks much and Kelli you are a joy.
Reviewed by: LINDA from Reno, NV. on 3/23/2011
Great Video
I have been looking everywhere to figure out how to make this type of bracelet! I discovered the chan luu bracelets and definitely did not want to spend the money on them so i wanted to make them myself! All i could find was written instructions that were really confusing! But this video is fantastic! I cant wait to get all the supplies! Ill be making many of these!
Reviewed by: Paige from New Jersey. on 2/28/2011
Great Video
I love this stitch, but could never really get it to look so good until I saw this video. Thanks Kelly for the great video!!!
Reviewed by: Rachel Denhollander from Edmonton AB. on 2/24/2011
loved the video but how many beads did you need?.
Reviewed by: Linda Smith from Columbus, Ohio. on 2/23/2011
Great Bracelet
I really like this video. I have quite a few people in mind to make one of these for! It was so easy to understand and follow!
Reviewed by: Kelli from Lubbock, TX. on 2/10/2011
wrap bracelet simple but tedious
I enjoyed your video on the wrap bracelet and she did a great job explaining, but I had some trouble with tangling. I cannot imagine doing a double length to wrap twice with twice the length of thread.
Reviewed by: marilyn from fl. on 2/10/2011
wrapped bracelet
I was really disappointed after watching the intire video I have no idea what the finished product looked like. She didn''''t show it. Too bad.
Reviewed by: Rachel from Indiana. on 1/22/2011
Love the necklace!!!
This wrap bracelet looks like fun. What I''''d really like to know is how to make the necklace you''''re wearing in the video!
Reviewed by: Christi from San Antonio, TX. on 1/16/2011
Wrap Bracelet Video
I do love instructional videos. This one was very helpful and I look forward to trying this technique. Thanks for sharing your talents.
Reviewed by: Carolyn from St. Petersburg, FL. on 1/13/2011
Wrap Bracelets
Nice video and I think it is better to look at a video to see how something is done than looking at the picture and reading the directions. Another plus is I can look at the video again if I get stuck or have questions.
Reviewed by: Sandra from Jewerly Making Videos. on 12/8/2010
How many beads and what size?
I loved the video, it was very clear and easy to follow. The only issue I had was that I went to a local store and got my materials so I could have them right away to try it out for the first time and didnt know how many beads to buy and what size. I ended up with a good size, but not enough to finish the braclet and so I have to wait until tommrrow to go back to the store to get more. It''''s fun to use different colored thread too!! Awesome video, thank you for sharing!!
Reviewed by: Karly from Bristol Vermont. on 12/1/2010
Un video excelente!!! todos los pasos estan muy bien explicados y el video es excelente!!! siempre quize aprender a hacer este bracelet. He visto muchisimos video y este es el primero que realmente me ha sido util. Gracias.
Reviewed by: Mari from Puerto Rico. on 11/23/2010
I have made SOOOOO many of these bracelets now. It is so awsome!! I''''m making matching necklaces with left over scraps from the bracelets so the leather doesn''''t go to waste. I know what my friends are getting for Christmas! THERE AWSOME!!!
Reviewed by: Kisa from Huntsville, AR. on 11/16/2010
Loved the video
I have been trying to find a video on how to do this. Thank you very much. It is much easier to watch a video than try to do it from written instructions. I do have one question though. Why does my leather keep curling while adding the beads? I don''''t think I am pulling the tread too tight. Any suggestions? Mary- If your leather is curling while you are adding beads, perhaps you did not clamp it down to your bead board? This should hold it straight. :) -Kelly
Reviewed by: Mary from Houston, TX. on 11/5/2010
Beaded Leather Bracelet
I have watched this video three times now, and I do believe that I can make this bracelet. I have all that I need and hope to get it done next week. Can''''t wait. Your videos are terrific
Reviewed by: K from Charlotte, NC. on 10/22/2010
Wrap Bracelet
This was a very good video. The designer was clear and easy to understand. I enjoyed the lesson... thank you!
Reviewed by: Margaret from Staten Island, New York. on 10/21/2010
Nicely done
Good job Kelly! I enjoyed watching it. It occured to me if a 4 or 6 mm bead was strung first, it might make it easier to get started, and not have the gap in the leather before the first 8 mm bead.
Reviewed by: jill from Southey. on 10/18/2010
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