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Woven Puffy Heart Instructions
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Woven Puffy Heart Instructions
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Country of Origin: United States
Shape: Heart
Bin: Y6-601
Detailed instructions on creating a woven Swarovski puffy heart. Instructions for this pendant are accompanied with a picture of each step to help you create your own puffy heart. Due to the length of these instructions, they will be mailed to you and are not available for immediate download. All sales on this item are final.

Try the Swarovski Dragonfly Pendant ...

Note: This pendant requires knowledge of weaving. The skill level is intermediate to advanced.

Materials Needed (not included):

4mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones (73 pieces)
6mm Swarovski Crystal Rounds (2 pieces)--optional
Supplemax, .012, White (3 feet)
GS Hypo Cement
Silver Round Beads, 3mm (6 pieces)
Silver Round Beads, 4mm (2 pieces)
Silver Round Beads, 5mm (1 piece)
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Customer Reviews
Rating No Heart for Me
I was able to follow these instructions for the first half of the heart, but then got totally and hopelessly lost for the second part. What good are directions if you can't make a finished product? I'll keep trying because I love the shape, but this has not been fun.

Designer's Note: Both Karla and Shanna learned to make these hearts years ago (before the instructions existed with photos). It took each of them about 8 hours and multiple tries to get the hang of this difficult project. Their advice: be patient, take it apart and start over, take breaks if needed, and make sure you are following every detail in the instructions (positioning of the piece is especially important). Don't give up!
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Reviewed by:  from Albuquerque. - 5/15/2013
Rating Love it!
I love making this heart! I thought the directions were easy to follow, although I agree with a couple of the other reviewers, that a couple of pics could have been clearer. However, if you follow the written directions, you can' go wrong. The 2 square flap was ingenious!! Can't wait to make more.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from California. - 6/16/2014
Rating Woven Puffy Heart Instructions
I did get through the instructions with a completed puffy heart, although, I had strung it wrong. I took it apart and am still trying. I was in a hurry the first time and when I slowed down and paid attention to the detail of the instructions, it made them a lot easier to follow. Be sure to look at the picture and make sure that your puffy heart looks like the picture and the beads of yours looks like the picture also. I hope that helps someone.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Kansas. - 8/29/2013
Rating Not so hard
I bought the instructions (on sale) quite a while ago, and just pulled them out last night. My eyes crossed a couple of times, but I got through it and it's beautiful! The most trouble I had was getting the Supplemax through a couple of crystals (arthritic fingers) but solved that problem with a large eye needle, and clear sailing after that. Thanks, Aunties.....
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Fennimore, WI. - 1/28/2013
Rating Craft Homemaker
I was very unhappy with the directions for the woven puffy heart. There were three or more errors in the directions. We are still trying to make the heart. I feel the directions were too complicated.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Redmond, WA 98052. - 3/6/2012
Rating Directions , pictures need work and cant see string a different color
The directions were okay but they need some work.. You need different pictures to help with understanding on what you are telling us to do.. The pictures are to dark, you need to make the crystals lighter and make the string darker so we can see where it is going.. I was working this pattern from your directions and got have way thru but I couldn’t really understand the pictures and couldn’t see where the string was going on what you were trying to ask me to do..
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from L.A Calif. - 2/24/2012
Rating Woven Puffy Heart
I have been working on the Puffy Heart for over a month. It would really be helpful if the beads being worked were in a different color so you know they are being placed in the right spot. My husband has seen me start over and over again and asks me why I haven't given up. I told him what I paid (he paid) for the instructions -I'm not given up yet.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from NYC. - 11/16/2011
Rating ugh
I got half way through and I was very excited but then..ugh...second half of instructions isn''''t working for me. I took it out several times and it still doesn''''t work. very confusing..HELP!!!!! If I could make these hearts and put them into our line the cost of the instructions would justify itself but so far no good..UGH
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from long island new york. - 1/21/2011
Rating Review of puffy heart instructions
Mostly I found the instructions to be clear. The problem started @ #52. If not making a bail, the knot was very visible. Not good! Got any ideas to remedy this?
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from LAUREL. - 11/18/2010
Rating Puffy Heart
I could not make the heart with these instructions. I would get about half way through and could not figure it out. I can''''t believe I paid $20.00 for a few pages of paper. I have since bought another set of instructions for $8.00 and I now can make them without any pattern. I don''''t think I will be trusting any of your instructions but I am happy with the supplies I bought.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. - 7/17/2010
Rating Fun & Easy!
I was weary of being able to make the puffy heart, I watched a few online videos and downloaded a free instruction pamphlet but none were concise or easy to follow. I took one last chance with Aunties Beads and the instructions are so easy to follow with excellent pictures. I''''ve made about 12 hearts in 1 month.
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from California. - 7/13/2010
Rating Puffy Heart Fun
Hi There, This was the best pattern that I have purchased! The clear pictures made the written easy to follow and what a joy to make such a pretty puffed heart. I made several in different sizes! Sandy
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Beggs, Oklahoma. - 7/12/2010
Rating Best Instructions
I am so glad that I purchased your instructions because I was able to complete my heart within so little time. These instructions are worth the price that I paid!
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from Cedar Grove, NJ. - 7/3/2010
Rating Sooooo Pretty!
I was able to finish the Puffy Heart last night and it''''s soooooo pretty. Love it! I really think the designs at Auntie''''s Beads are wonderful. Keep up the great work for all us beaders!
  Did you find this helpful?         
Reviewed by:  from -. - 5/29/2010
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