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Working with Wire Episode 3: How to Wire Wrap Beads

Part Number:VIDEO-0129

Aunties Beads brings you the next step in wire making. This video covers easy to make wire wrapped beads, a great way to add elegance and your personal style to any bead. Be sure to practice and allow your wire wrapping to take its own path. The more you practice the better your results will be and the quicker you will move through your projects.

See below for additional videos in our wire wrap series. We'll add just a bit of complexity as we go. In coming videos, we will spotlight an entire bracelet of wire wrapped beads.

Tips and Tricks
  • To ensure uniform loops, put a small piece of tape on your round nose pliers and align your wire with it.
  • Insert the tip of your round nose pliers into an existing loop to gain leverage as you wrap the bead.
- Judy Mertz, Auntie's Beads Designer
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