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Winter Candy Necklace Project

Winter Candy Necklace Project

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1. Use your nipper tool to cut two, 2 foot pieces of beading wire and hold them together between your fingers.  Fold them in half together.  Holding all four ends together, slip a crimp bead over all four ends.  Slid the crimp bead down until you are left with a very small loop.  Use your chain nose pliers to carefully and neatly flatten the crimp bead.

2. Begin the RAW technique, but treat the four strands of wire as two (in other words, hold the two pieces of wire on each side together and slide them together through the same beads).  The RAW technique is simple.  String three beads on each side, and then slide both strands of wire through the same center bead, going opposite directions.  In this case, our side beads are Chinese Crystal bicones separated by gunmetal rounds and our center beads are Swarovski Crystal rounds.

3.  So, on one side (one pair of two wires held together), string a blue bicone, a gunmetal round, then a black bicone.  Then, on the other side (the other pair of two wires held together), string a black bicone, a gunmetal round, then a blue bicone.  Notice we reversed the color of the Chinese Crystal bicones on the second wire.  Then simply string both wires through a Swarovski Crystal fuschia round and begin the process again, but start with black on the side you started with blue on in the last step and vice-versa. 

4.  Now that you've done this process twice, continuing holding your wires together on both sides, and string a gunmetal round on each pair of wires.  Now it's time to split our paired wires off (stop holding them together).

5.  Simply repeat the RAW process you followed in step 3, only without holding the wires together.  Each wire now acts on its own, allowing the stitch to form a fork pattern.  Stitch two more circles on each side using the same RAW technique.  

6.  Once you've decided on the length of your necklace, trim your chain with your nipper tool.  Because the woven area of the necklace, as well as the pendant, hang quite low, I recommend adding about 5 inches of chain (or 8 links) on each side. 

7.  After your chain is cut, place two gunmetal rounds on each of the four strands. Then, add a crimp bead and use your chain nose pliers to crimp them to the appropriate chain links (two strands to each side).  

8.  Place two blue bicones, one black bicone and two fuschia rounds on separate gunmetal headpins.  Use your wirelooping pliers to make loops above the beads.  Then, dangle them all from the bottom link of some small gunmetal curb chain.  Dangle that small piece of chain from the eye of a gunmetal eyepin and place your rose pendant on it.  At the top of the eyepin, use your wire looping pliers again to make another loop and hang your 
pendant from the two strand wire loop you made all the way back in step one.

9.  Use a gunmetal split ring and your tweezers to attach your gunmetal lobster clasp to the last link of your gunmetal chain. 
Materials and Tools Needed:

Composite Rose Pendant, Fushcia, 34mm (1)
Chinese Crystal 8mm Bicone Strand, Metallic Blue (1)
Chinese Crystal 8mm Bicone Strand, Jet (1)
Swarovski Crystal 6mm Round Bead, Fuchsia (8)
Gunmetal Beads, 4mm, Bag of 25 (1) 
Gunmetal 14mm Circle Chain by the Foot (1) OR Gunmetal Double Loop Chain, 8mm and 14mm Loops (1)
Gunmetal Plate Lobster Clasp, 10mm (1)
Gunmetal Plate Eye Pins, 2 Inch, 21 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1)
Gunmetal Plate Head Pins, 2 Inch, 21 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1)
Gunmetal Plated Split Rings, 7mm, Bag of 10 (1)
Gunmetal Curb Chain by the Foot, 2.8mm (1)
Beadalon 19-Strand Wire, 30Ft, .015 (1)
Sterling Silver Crimp Beads, 2 x 2mm, Bag of 50 (1)
Chain Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool
Wire Looping Pliers
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