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What's in your Heart? Necklace Project (Archive)
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What's in your Heart? Necklace Project (Archive)
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What's in your Heart? Necklace

Lately my life has been a bit of a mess.  So when it was time to put together a project of the week, I was really drawn to the message beads because each one has a positive word on it.  I chose "dream."  I would like to pose a question to everyone as you're deciding which message bead is right for your necklace: what's in your heart right now?  Faith?  HopeJoy?  Maybe you just need to be reminded to live!
Kelly McCoy, Auntie’s Beads Designer 

Please note: We no longer carry some or all of the materials used to create this piece; therefore, the instructions and list of materials needed to complete this project are not available. This piece is demonstrated for inspiration purposes only.
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