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Under Lock and Key Necklace Project
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Under Lock and Key Necklace Project

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This project is on the intermediate to advanced level and requires knowledge of odd count peyote and peyote tube beads. If you are not familiar with these techniques, please watch the following videos:
Odd Count Peyote Stitch Video
Peyote Stitch Tube Beads Video
  1. Thread your needle. Put a stop bead toward one end, leaving yourself a 6 to 8 inch tail.
  2. String 13 seed beads. Work the odd count peyote stitch until you have 7 full rows.
    Design Tip: You will know you have the correct number of rows when you have 7 beads across the top edge and 7 beads across the bottom edge. The beads on the sides should be running in alternating patterns so they will fit together like puzzle pieces when you zip them up.
  3. Wrap the peyote stitched patch around the shaft of the key. Zip it up. Your threads (the tail and the end with the needle) should meet up. Tie a knot.
  4. Run your thread through several nearby beads tying half hitch knots as you work. Cut excess thread. Remove your needle.
  5. Remove the stop bead. Put the needle on the tail. Run the tail through a few nearby seed beads tying half hitch knots as you work. Cut excess thread. Remove your needle.
  6. Cut about a foot of thread. Thread your needle.
  7. Pick up 10 seed beads. Center the seed beads on your thread. Run the needle through the loop on the key. Circle your thread around so your threads meet. Tie a knot. Make sure you pull snugly on your threads so the circle of seed beads is tight.
  8. Run your needle through 2 nearby seed beads. Tie a half hitch knot. Repeat this process until your thread is back where it started. Run your needle through a couple of nearby seed beads. Cut excess thread. Remove the needle.
  9. Thread your needle on the other piece of thread. Run your needle through nearby seed beads tying half hitch knots as you work. Do this until you feel your seed bead bail is secure. Cut excess wire. Remove the needle.
  10. Cut a piece of chain measuring about 1 inch less than the desired length. I would recommend making this necklace long so I cut my chain to about 20".
  11. Run the chain through the seed bead bail.
  12. Attach a jump ring to one end of the chain and then to half of the toggle. Close the jump ring. Repeat this step at the other end to complete the necklace.
Tools and Materials Needed:

Silver Pewter Large Key Pendant, 26x78mm
8/0 Matte Tr Smoky Amethyst AB Miyukis
8/0 Matte Met Patina Iris Seed Beads
8/0 Matte Tr Teal AB Seed Beads
Any 8/0 Miyuki seed bead color of your choice
Fancy Cable Chain, Textured Link, Antique Silver Plated, 3x4mm (about 20 inches or the length of your choice)
Silver Pewter Heart And Key Toggle, 17mm
Silver Plated 4mm Open Jump Rings, Bag of 50 (2 pieces)
Fireline Fine Crystal, 6 lb. Thread, 50 Yards, .008 (3 to 4 feet)
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
Nipper Tool
Chain Nose Pliers (2 pair)

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