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Project Description:

Artist Bio:

For over 35 years, Debby Arem has designed with beads and recycled circuit boards to create jewelry with texture and layers of color.

Debby and her husband Joel started Three Ring Circuits in 1992, long before "green" was a popular social movement. Joel had a computer company that manufactured PCs, and they were were continually fascinated by the artistic qualities of printed circuit boards.

Debby's work saves surplus production from ending up in a landfill and creating environmental contamination.

Debby's product line is very diverse, but we've chosen to highlight some of her jewelry here, a great example of the steampunk trend in jewelry design.

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  • Web Site: www.artfire.com/ext/shop/bio/ThreeRingCircuits
  • Location: Laytonsville, MD, United States
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating Thinking Alike
    For 25 years I been an electronics technician, and often marveled at the artistic rendering of circuit boards. When I started making jewelry, I naturally leaned toward what I knew. I have made some earrings with resistors (how colorful!) and plan more electronic component-based jewelry. My friends thought me crazy. You've given me new inspiration. Thank you.
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    Reviewed by:  from Indian Springs, Nevada. - 11/16/2011
    Rating Simply Gorgeous Artistic Designs
    Totally Gorgeous, I admire your style!
      Did you find this helpful?  
    Reviewed by:  from Harker Hts TX. - 10/6/2011
    Rating Great idea
    What a great idea using the circuit boards for your jewelry. I just started using washers in mine. Beautiful jewelry. Keep up the good work...
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    Reviewed by:  from Walkertown, NC. - 10/5/2011
    Rating Three Ring Circuits
    Absolutely gorgeous...the colors are vibrant and they are different--a mixture of different mediums.
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    Reviewed by:  from Austin, TX. - 10/5/2011
    Rating three ring curcuits
    who knew curcuit boards could look so cool
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    Reviewed by:  from ireland. - 10/5/2011