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Three to One Bracelet Video
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Three to One Bracelet Video
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A customer asked how to make a 3 stranded bracelet end cleanly into a toggle. That's a great question and there is certainly more than one solution to this bracelet design issue. Here is one way. I have used this technique for multi stranded necklaces but not a bracelet. I am pleased with the result and I hope this will be good option for ending a 3 stranded bracelet into a toggle cleanly.

The materials and tools you'll need are listed below. You can select any colors of 4mm or 6mm Swarovski crystal bicones.

Karla Schafer, Auntie's Beads Designer
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Materials and Supplies Used in This Video:
Sterling Silver Spacer Beads, 6mm
Sterling Silver Spacer Beads, 6mm
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Sterling Silver Crimp Beads, 2 x 2mm, 50pc
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Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers
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Magical Crimp Forming Tool For .015" Wire
Magical Crimp Forming Tool for .015" Wire
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Classic Nipper Tool
Classic Nipper Tool

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Customer Reviews
Rating Three to One Bracelet
I am very impressed with Ms. Schafer's presentation. She gives clear instructions and her demonstrations are very helpful. I have been beading for over six years and have learned a new technique. Thank You
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Paige Texas. - 3/28/2011
Rating Super Cute Design
I loved seeing how to make a 3 to 1 tutorial that I could understand and follow. Thanks Karla for such great instruction!
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Lubbock, TX. - 2/10/2011
I would like to thank Karla Schafer. She is a wonderful Instructor. I am so happy I watched her. She really inspired me, I can do this. She is so good at explaining and showing you on how to do it. None of the other videos I watched did, and they were a waste of many of my hours. So thank you Karla.
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Greenville Fl.. - 9/1/2010
Rating OH MY GOSH!
I have been working on a 3 two 1 bracelet for a couple of weeks now. I have restrung it 3 times on 3 different sizes of wire and just can''''t make it look right. I figured I''''d give this video a quick look and see if I could get an idea of what I was doing wrong. I was so far off. This is amazing. I am heading off to fix it (for the last time) right now! Wonderful instructions!
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Indianapolis, IN. - 7/12/2010
Rating Nice technique!
Thank you for the video, that''''s a nice way of turning the 3 strands into 1. However, I didn''''t understand why you had to trim the wires after the crimp bead, and then use them again and put on the crimp cover? Can''''t I just continue using the same wires and thread the crimp cover on them (and over the crimp bead)?
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Israel. - 5/16/2010
Rating another beader!
Thank you! This ending technique was very helpful to me!
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Boulder. - 2/18/2010
Questions and Answers
Q: When you start the beading you immediately go to three separate strands. When you end, you use all three strands at the same time to string the ending beads and the crimp and toggle. You say to do the same thing on the other end. But the video shows the other end as three strands. And you don't say how to add the single row of beads then the toggle on the beginning end of three strands. How do I accomplish this?
Asked by: - 8/29/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, I string the body of the bracelet on three stands that are crimped together and end the body of the bracelet by crimping the three strands together. About 5.55 minutes into the video. Then about 6.31 minutes in you see the trick on how to do one strand by threading a piece of wire through the end of the 3 strand section, I then use a spacer bead to slide over the crimp and working the doubled thread as one piece finish the bracelet. Are you not getting the whole video? It is 9 minutes and 44 seconds long and shows the whole process except the repeat of the other end which is done just as the first end. Karla
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