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Swarovski Advance Crystal, the new Lead-Free Crystal

Swarovski recently introduced their new Advanced Crystal formulation, an all new lead-free crystal bead. Read about it below. Auntie's Beads is rapidly converting its entire collection of Swarovski crystal beads and components to the new lead-free crystal format. Read about our commitment to lead-free beading products below.

Over a century ago, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that cut and polished crystal to the highest level of aesthetic brilliance and the greatest level of consistency ever seen. This paved the way for a limitless flow of superb, precision-engineered crystals in a glorious spectrum of colors. Today, Swarovski has once again raised the bar across the entire sector by re-defining the very DNA of crystal.

Until now, lead has been a necessary component in the creation of ultra-clear, glittering crystals, but Swarovski has underlined its position as a market leader by creating ADVANCED CRYSTAL. This brand new composition provides the same sparkle, dependability, and variety that Swarovski is famous for – without lead*.

Thanks to ADVANCED CRYSTAL, not only are Swarovski crystals compliant with regulatory industry norms and laws regarding the restriction or prohibition of certain substances for finished products in the most relevant segments of its customers (e.g. jewelry, textile), but they are also proof of Swarovski’s long-standing reputation as a socially responsible corporate role model.

ADVANCED CRYSTAL – Superior – Brilliant – Lead-Free* *Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

Auntie's Beads Commitment to Lead-Free Products:

Auntie's Beads is continuing to expand its line of lead-free beading components. We favor manufacturers like Swarovski, Tierracast, and others who are able to certify their products as lead-free. Look for the lead-free icon on Auntie's Beads website. All products that are certified lead-free will have this symbol on its product page:

Lead-free beading product!

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