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Summer Flowers Necklace Project

Summer Flowers Necklace Project

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  1. Pull your suede through 1 split ring, leaving equal ends of suede.  Cut about 3" of wire.  Fold suede at split ring and wrap the wire at least 3 times, close to the split ring.
  2. About 6" down, take another 3" of wire and wrap tightly around double suede.  Add another split ring on just the bottom piece of suede.  Cut anothe 3" of wire and twist around suede, about 1/2" apart from other wire piece.
  3. Add Pendant.  Starting about 2" away from the last wire wrap, wrap another 3" piece of wire.  Add split ring only to bottom suede.  Cut another 3" piece of wire and wrap around both pieces of suede.
  4. Measure your necklace 17", folding both pieces of suede through the other split ring.  Cut 3" of wire.  Holding the suede pieces together, wrap the wire around the suede very close to the split ring.  Attach toggle.  
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