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SongBird Serenade Necklace Project
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SongBird Serenade Necklace Project

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  1. Before cutting the chain to the desired length, measure it and make sure you have a center link. I cut my chain 16 1/2".
  2. Open a jump ring with the two pairs of pliers, adding the pendant to the center link and close.
  3. Add a jump ring to each end of the chain including the lobster clasp and set aside.
  4. Prepare all the crystal drops (19) total, by dropping a 4mm bicone on a head pin, bending a right angle above the bead with flat nose pliers and creating a rosary loop.
  5. After all of the drops have been made, add 1 drop to the center loop of the pendant so that it dangles into the center of the pendant.
  6. Add 3 drops to each link on either side of the pendant; skip a link add 3 drops; skip a link add 3 drops; skip a link add 3 drops.
  7. You should have 9 drops on both sides of the pendant.


15495 Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone Beads, Luminous Green, Bag Of 10- 19pc
15196 Antique Brass Pewter Oval Necklace Finding,25x40mm- 1pc
15548 Antique Brass Textured Oval Chain By The Foot, 5x7mm- 16 1/2"
15439 Antique Brass 14mm Lobster Clasp- 1pc
15413 Antique Brass 1 and 1/2" Head Pin With 2mm Bead, Bag Of 10- 19pc
JR/032X5AB Antique Brass Jump Rings, Open, 1.6 Gram Bag, 5mm, 20 Gauge- 3pc
tool-er706 Beadsmith La Femme Ergo Pliers, Flat Nose
Round Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool

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