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What's a SmartCollection™? Exclusively from Auntie's Beads, these are jewelry component groupings that bead designers have found helpful and asked for. The items listed are updated dynamically as new matching beading products come on board. Let's say you are on the hunt for a unique focal bead for your latest beading project and you want to browse just the products that could be used as focal beads. Just click that Smart Collection and there you have it, all in one place!

Please give us your suggestions for new SmartCollections™ that would be helpful to you as a jewelry designer! Go to our contact form to leave your request. And thank you for helping to make Auntie's Beads the smartest bead shopping experience on the web!

Brought to you by Auntie's Beads, the exclusive home of SmartBeadShopping™, a better way to shop the web for beads and jewelry supplies.
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