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Sexy Summer Anklet Project
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Sexy Summer Anklet Project
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  1. Choose an approximate length for your anklet.  The good thing about this anklet is the center does not have to be perfect and you can leave a tail of chain at the end to make the length adjustable.  The anklet I made is about 10" long and I usually hook the clasp leaving a 1" tail, making the anklet part about 9 inches (again this length is adjustable).  You just need to figure out approximately how long you need your anklet to be so you can find the estimated center and because you don't want to the tail to be too long and get stepped on.
  2. Place two teardrop beads on a headpin.  Use your wire looping pliers to make a loop at the top and hang it from the approximate center of your anklet.  On either side, separated by one chain link, repeat this process but with only one teardrop bead.
  3. Use headpins and your wire looping pliers to hang four 8mm rounds from the bottom of four square links.  Then, use your chain nose pliers to carefully open jump rings and dangle the beaded links from your bracelet. Leave two chain links between each.
  4. Use your tweezers to attach your trigger clasp to one end of your chain (you can use one of your left over jump rings if you'd rather not buy a whole bag of split rings just to use one, but this will not be as secure as a split ring).  On the other end, Attach three 8mm rounds using headpins and your wirelooping pliers (*be sure you have trimmed your anklet to the appropriate length before you add this finishing touch, or when you try it on you'll find the tail is too long and you'll have to trim it and re-bead the end).


    Sexy Summer Anklet 

    When I first saw the Antique Copper Plated Pewter Teardrop Bead, 13x19mm, earrings immediately came to mind.   I put two on top of each other on a headpin and thought, "hmmm, too long for earrings..."  but realized that it would look so cute drapped on a foot!  Thus the anklet idea was born.  I hope you like it. :)
    Kelly McCoy, Auntie’s Beads Designer 

    Antique Copper Plated Pewter Teardrop Bead, 13x19mm - 4pc
    Antique Copper Plated Pewter Filigree Square Connector, 10x18mm - 4pc 
    Swarovski Crystal 8mm Round, Siam -  7pc
    Antique copper plated hammered curb chain by the foot, 6mm - 1pc
    Antique copper trigger clasp, 15mm - 1pc
    Antique copper plated head pins, 2", 21 gauge, bag of 10- 1pc
    Antique copper jump rings, open, bag of 10, 5mm, 20 gauge- 1pc
    Antique Copper Split Rings, Bag of 10 - 1pc

    Beadalon Nipper Cutting Tool
    Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers
    Wire Looping Pliers 
    Straight Nose Tweezers (if you use a split ring to attach your clasp- recommended)


    Author Kelly Henderson
    Kelly Henderson
    Auntie's Beads Designer
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    Rating Sexy Summer Anklet
    Sexy indeed! And stunning! And can just as easily be made in silver, brass, or copper and accented by beads of any color! Very easy to make!
      Did you find this helpful?  
    Reviewed by:  from a. - 7/24/2010
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