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Seeing Red Leather Bracelet Project
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Seeing Red Leather Bracelet Project

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This project requires knowledge of punching holes in leather and setting rivets. If you are not familiar with these techniques, please watch the following videos: Hole Punch Tools and Rivet and Snap Setters.
  1. Cut a piece of flat leather measuring about 20 inches. Run one end of leather through the smallest hole in the TierraCast tribuckle finding. Fold the leather over so you have a half inch opening.
  2. Use a punch to make 2.5mm holes through both layers of leather. You will want your holes to be about 1/2 inch from the fold.
  3. Run a rivet post through the holes from the back. On the top side, cover the post with the rivet cap. Press the 2 together.
  4. Put the bottom of your rivet post on a bench block. Put the concave end of the rivet setter on the cap and strike with a hammer until the rivet is set.
  5. To wear this bracelet, you will wrap it around your wrist several times and run the end through the 2 larger openings on the tribuckle clasp. Leave as much of a tail as you are comfortable with.

Tools and Materials Needed:

2mm x 10mm Flat Leather, Red (about 20 inches)
TierraCast Antique Brass Pewter Tribuckle Clasp/Finding
TierraCast Antique Brass Pewter Rivet Set, 10pc (1 piece)
BeadSmith Little Cut Tool for Licorice Leather
BeadSmith Bench Block With Wood Base, 4x4"
The BeadSmith 1 Pound Brass Head Mallet

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