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Really Rondelle Earrings
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Really Rondelle Earrings

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  1. Use your nipper tool to cut 12 inches of artistic wire.
  2. Run the wire through your fingers several times to warm it and straighten it out perfectly.  Then, place it through the hole in the rondelle. Leave a 2 inch tail of wire.
  3. Use your fingers to bend the long part of the wire at a ninety degree angle.  Wrap it around the crystal as pictured, keeping it flush against the crystal. 
  4. After you have wrapped around the crystal two-and-a-half times, your long wire will meet the short tail you left in step 2 and you will wrap the longer wire around the 2 inch tail three times, just above the crystal.  Trim the excess with your nipper. 
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for earring number 2.  Then, use your fingers to bend the 2 inch tails into ear wires.  It's helpful to create both ear wires at the same time so that they will look as similar as possible.  *Note: you can also use bail making pliers to create your ear wires if you are uncomfortable using your fingers.
  6. Finally, trim any extra length from your ear wires.  If the end of the wire feels rough, use some sandpaper to smooth it.

Tools and Materials Needed: 

Swarovski Crystal, 18mm Faceted Round Rondelle, Crystal AB (2 beads) OR any color of 18mm rondelle 
Artistic Wire, 18 Gauge, Non-Tarnish Brass (12 inches) OR any color of 18 gauge wire
Classic Nipper Tool
Optional: Beadsmith Bail Making Pliers, 6mm-8.5mm Jaws

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