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Queen Bee Resin Bezel Bracelet Project
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Queen Bee Resin Bezel Bracelet Project

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This project uses Ice Resin and a Metal Hole Punch Pliers, if you are not familiar with these products, please watch the following videos:

Ice Resin Video
Metal Hole Punch Pliers Video
  1. Place the bezel over the image you want to cut out of the playing card and trace it.
  2. There is much trimming to get the image to fit, but once you have it to fit, glue it in the bottom of the bezel with Nunn adhesive.
  3. Cut the "Q" out and glue it to the flat Bee Charm Tag.
  4. If using other images other than from the plastic coated playing card, I strongly suggest sealing the images with Modge Podge or Nunn Design Sealant.
  5. Add other embellishiments, Preciosa Chatons to the lower oval of the Queen image and flat backs to the Queen Bee Oval Drop.
  6. If desired for an antique look, brush Swellegant Patina Darkening over the Queen Charm, Aster Embellishment and Oval Drop, including around the embellishments, according to the instructions on the bottle.
  7. You may start to mix the Ice Resin according to the video to fill the charm bezel and over the oval drop, covering all raised areas and let set for about 12-24 hours. Be sure to check for bubbles as they shall appear in the first minutes of pouring, gently working them to the surface with a toothpick, head pin, etc.
  8. While we are waiting for the resin items to dry, create your charms out of the Aster Flower and Bee Embellishment.
  9. Prep the pliers according to the video by adjusting the gauge guard so the the hole can be punched through the thickness of the embellishments.
  10. Place the pliers over a petal on the Aster and apply pressure until you feel it punch through.
  11. Punch the Bee through the bottom of the body as above.
  12. Place a jump ring through both embellishments layering the bee onto of the aster.
  13. Take 12" of the pearl rosary chain and half it, without taking it apart, yet put a jump ring through one of the eyes and add the trigger clasp.
  14. Place another jump ring on the two free ends of the pearl chain, thus connecting them together.
  15. When the resin pieces are dry, add the Queen Bezel to the jump ring with the free ends and then a jump ring to the Queen Bezel then connecting the large end of the "S" finding to it.
  16. Add a jump ring to the other end of the "S" to clasp into.
  17. Lay your bracelet out on your work surface for the placement of the other charms: adding to one side of the pearl, add the layered aster/bee with a jump ring to the eye of the second pearl link, after the queen bezel; add the oval drop to the eye of the second pearl link after that one.
  18. You have now completed your Queen Bee Bracelet!

Tools and Materials Needed:

Nunn Design Antique Gold Oval Bezel Cup Pendant, 21x35mm
Nunn Design Antique Gold Oval Bee Drop, 15x25mm
Nunn Design Brass Aster Flower Embellishment, 22mm
Nunn Design Brass Bumblebee Embellishment, 18x19mm
Nunn Design Antique Gold Swirl Connector, 15x35mm
Antique Gold Pewter S Swirl Link, 12x24mm (with a few extra jump rings)
Preciosa Chaton Mix, Smoked Topaz, 5 Grams- 5pc
Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs, 2mm, Crystal AB, 25pc- 5pc
TierraCast Antique Brass Leaf Bead Cap, 5mm- 1pc
6mm Glass Pearl Chain By The Foot, Antique Brass- 12"
Antique Brass 12mm Lobster Clasp- 1pc
Antique Brass Jump Rings, Open, 10pc, 5mm, 20 Gauge- 7pc
Ice Resin Syringe, 1 Ounce Each
5 Mixing Cups with 4 Stir Sticks
Nunn Design Sealant, 2 Oz. Bottle
Nunn Design Product Glue, 2 Oz.
Swellegant Darkening Patina, 2 Oz Bottle
1.8mm Metal Punch Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Playing Cards or other images

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