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Passionflower Necklace Project
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Passionflower Necklace Project

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1.  Use your nipper tool to cut an 18" piece of beading wire.  On one end, attach a crimp end. 
2.  One each of your ten headpins, place between 4 and 6 seed beads (usually 5, but use 4 if you choose especially large beads or 6 if they are especially small).  The goal is to make your drops of slightly varying sizes to create interest.
3. Above the seed beads on each headpin, use your wire looping pliers to make a loop and wrap the wire around itself a couple of times.  Trim the excess wire. 
4.  On your beading chain, string a pattern of sterling silver round, seed bead drop, 4mm round until you have strung all of your drops.  End on a 4mm round.
5. Add a crimp end to the other end of your beading chain.  Use a split ring to attach a lobster claw clasp.
Materials and Tools Needed:

Miyuki Multi Bead Mix, Passionflower (1 Bag)
Silver Plated Brass Beading Chain (2 Feet)
Sterling Silver Round Beads, 4mm, Bag of 25 (1 Bag)
Sterling Silver Headpins, 2 Inch, 24 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
Sterling Silver Split Rings, 4.5mm, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
Silver Plate Lobster Claw Clasp (1 Clasp)
Nipper Tool
Chain Nose Pliers
Wire Looping Pliers
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