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Onyx Beads

Onyx BeadsYou will immediately recognize the Grade A quality of our Black Onyx beads the second you lay eyes on them! Onyx is a type of banded stone whose bands are often black or white, but can be almost any color. Sardonyx is a variant that has sard, or shades of red, color bands. Black onyx is a well known variety, although onyx with other types of colored bands are actually more commonly found. To see our selection of coordinating onyx pendants, please click here.

SmartBeadShopping™ Tip: Virtually all "black onyx" on the market is dyed, as the natural stone is rarely a pure black. We carry only premium grade onyx that is not mixed with glass or composite.  
Learn more in our gemstone glossary
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16mm Black Onyx Faceted Round Focal Bead
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8mm Black Onyx Faceted Gemstone Bead Strand
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3mm Onyx Round Gemstone Bead Strand
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10mm Onyx Round Gemstone Bead Strand
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6mm Onyx Round Gemstone Bead Strand
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8mm Onyx Round Gemstone Bead Strand
Average Rating16 Review(s)