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Mi Bella Flor Ring Project
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Mi Bella Flor Ring Project

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For a how to video, see Karla Kam Blooming Pendant on Youtube.

  1. Cut a piece of the 28 ga wire 24” in length or longer.  String the 6 petals onto the wire and let them drop to the center.
  2. Take one end of the wire and feed it back through three of the petals, to create a circle.
  3. Take the other end of the wire and feed it back through the last three petals to complete the circle.  Take care not to kink the wire while you go through the petals as it may break the wire.
  4. Take the jump ring and “sew” it into the center of the floral circle, using one end of the wire to go around in one direction and then the other in the opposite direction.  You will take the wire in and out of the circle, passing over the jump ring and the wire creating the circle through the petals.  This gives the flower structure and stability.
  5. Bring one of the wire tails up to the front side of the floral circle and string the coin bead on the wire, laying it into the center and then stitch the wire over and under the jump ring to secure it.  I would make several stitches around the floral circle as you did in step 4, even passing it back through the coin bead. 
  6. Repeat with the other wire tail, making several passes around the floral circle and through the coin bead.  Wrap the two tails together and tuck the wire up into the center.
  7. To create the ring blank, cut a piece of 18 ga wire, 10” in length.  Make a small flat coil at the end of the wire using the round nose pliers.
  8. Wrap the wire around a ring mandrel for the desired size, remember always go a notch higher than the finished size you want, wrap the wire three times.  What you should see is a flat coil, two wraps of wire and then the end.
  9. Depending of the size of ring, a smaller ring will have more wire left over than a larger size, so you may need to trim the wire to create another flat coil.  To do this measure the wire from the middle of the ring to an inch, and trim.  Create another flat coil.
  10.   Cut another piece of 28 ga wire, 28” in length.
  11.   Take the newly formed ring base and wrap the coils together to close the ring base, center the 28” piece of wire onto the ring base (where the coils are at the top) and wrap it at least 3 times with each end of the wire, finishing with the wires at the top of the ring base.
  12.   Thread the two ends into the flower, up from the bottom, through the center of the flower, preferably between the coin and jump ring.
  13.  Working one wire at a time “sew” in and out of the flower around the ring base, several passes, working the other wire as well to secure the base.  Continue until the base seems secure, bring the ends together, gently twist together and tuck and/or secure the ends within the work.
  14. Slide the finished ring onto the ring mandrel to straighten out the ring base to complete the ring.

Materials and Tools Needed:

Czech Glass Petals,  18x22mm- 6pc

11987 Designer Czech Glass 14mm Coin Bead Strand, Satin Taupe- 1pc

SS/JR48/10C Sterling Silver 10mm, 16 Gauge, Closed- 1pc

AWS-18S-10-20FT Artistic Silver Plate Wire Spool, 18 gauge, Non-Tarnish Silver- 10”

AWS-28S-10-40YD  Artistic Silver Plate Wire Spool, 28 gauge, Non-Tarnish Silver-48”

Czech Glass 14mm Coin Bead Strand, Ivory

tool-710 Ring Mandrel, Black Plastic

Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Nipper Tool



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