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Magic Crimp Tool Technique

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Enter the World of the Magical Crimp Forming Tool:

This tool works exclusively with a 2mm sterling silver crimps and 2mm gold filled crimp beads and .018" or .019" diameter beading wire, for example .018 diameter Beadalon wire With some practice and a few steps, you will magically transform the crimp bead into a round bead.

Also see our video instruction on the use of this and other crimping tools.

Magic Crimp Tool Step 1

Step 1: Center the crimp tube in the hole and squeeze.
Magic Crimp Tool Step 2

Step 2: The crimp bead should resemble a small ravioli. (four flat corners)

Magic Crimp Tool Step 3
Step 3: Turn the bead 90 degrees and center again. Squeeze, open the tool slightly and repeat 3-4 times until the bead in rounded.
Magic Crimp Tool Step 4

Step 4: Now the bead should look like a 2mm bead!
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