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Leather and Chain Tassel Bracelet
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Leather and Chain Tassel Bracelet

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  1. Cut (5) 5" pieces of the suede and (5) 5" pieces of the 2mm leather and set aside.
  2. Cut a 5" piece of 20 ga Artistic Wire and make a loop large enough to accommodate all the leather strips, you may want to use the Bail making pliers, to do so.
  3. Make neat wraps to complete the loop, as they may come through your bead cap, no more than three wraps should be necessary.
  4. Cut another piece of 20 ga wire, about 3-4" and set aside.
  5. Slip all the strips of leather through the loop formed, folding the leather in half and arranging the layers as you like.
  6. Using the 5" piece of wire just cut, you will band the strips together wrapping it at least twice and around and then twisting the ends.
  7. Trim the ends of the wire and mash into the bundle with chain nose pliers.
  8. Now you simply slip the tassel under the bead cap by running the wire through the hole and start a loop, set aside.
  9. To prepare the bracelet cut the chain 7" to make a snug 7 1/2" bracelet and link more if you want it looser after the leather is woven through.
  10. Add each part of the toggle to either end using a jump ring.
  11. Slip one end of the remaining suede strand into the jump ring connecting the toggle to the chain and tie an over hand knot.
  12. Weave the sued in and out of the chain links until you reach the end of the chain, tying off the suede as you started into the jump ring of the bar of the toggle.
  13. We are now ready to add our tassel. Slip the started loop of the tassel into the first link of chain after the Round toggle part, and close the loop with wraps all the way to the top of the bead cap to complete.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1mm Leather Cord, Metallic Bronze, 2 Yard Coil- 25"
3mm Micro Fiber Suede, Navy- 34"
Antique Copper Oval Bead Cap, 12x20mm- 1pc
Antique Copper Pewter Wavy Oval Toggle, 16x25mm
Antique Copper Jump Rings, Open, 10pc, 5mm, 20 Gauge- 2pc
Antique Copper 9mm Round Link Chain By The Foot- 7"
Artistic Wire, 20 Gauge, Natural, 6 Yards
Chain Nose Pliers
BeadSmith Bail Making Pliers with 6mm and 8.5mm Jaws
Nipper Tool

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