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Jewelry Findings
Auntie's Beads has been offering a thoughtful selection of findings and components for making jewelry for many years. We like to make shopping for jewelry findings easy and fun, and we're constantly adding new and unique products, proving that basics don't have to be boring! We love to surprise you with new styles of chain by the foot, base metal findings, sterling silver components, and more.

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What You're Saying
I would just like to say thank you! I was very pleased to get my package... I am making beaded eyeglass holders and all are one of a kind... I really got into beading just as something different to do... well I am hooked! I am glad to know I can have a supplier where I can find different ideas and different beads etc... So glad I found your web site!
- Judith from Ontario

About Jewelry Findings
Jewelry findings are key components in any jewelry design. From the most basic head pins, eye pins, jump rings, toggles and clasps to more advanced specialty components, jewelry findings are the beginning blocks in the foundation of any jewelry making project. We offer a unique selection of the following components in a wide variety of finishes and sizes:

Bails: Bails typically have prongs that can be attached to holes in pendants. You simply use a pair of flat or chain nose pliers to close the bail around the hole of the pendant. You can then place the bail on the center of wire and string around it. This creates a polished and professional looking necklace.

Bead Caps: Bead caps are so much fun to use and add a little something to every piece! They can be used in earring, necklace and bracelet designs. Generally speaking, the size of the bead cap will determine what size bead it can adorn. If, for example, you have a 10mm bead cap, it will fit a 10mm or 12mm bead nicely.

Chain by the Foot: Chain by the foot is one of those key items, we believe, that no beader should be without. Dainty chain can be used to create cascading earring designs or as bracelet and necklace extenders. Larger chain can be used to create bold and funky necklaces and bracelets. Chain can be wire wrapped, attached using jump rings or split rings or even connected using beading wire.

Clasps and Toggles: If you are making any bracelet or necklace at all, chances are you will need a clasp or toggle. Clasps come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. There are lobster clasps, spring ring clasps, trigger clasps, and many more. Toggles are clasps that have a ring portion (usually round, but can also be square or heart shaped) and a bar that fits through the ring. The bar is typically several millimeters longer than the ring portion so the clasp will not come undone.

Crimp Beads: This is an item beaders can not live without! Crimp beads secure your beaded necklace and bracelet designs so they don't fall apart. When the proper size crimp bead is used with the appropriate beading wire and the right crimping tool, you will create beaded jewelry that lasts for years.

Crimp Covers: If you use the Beadalon Designer Crimper tool or chain nose pliers to secure your crimp beads, you may not always be happy with the appearance of your finished piece. Crimp covers are designed to fit over crimp beads and, when closed properly, they look like round beads. When choosing a crimp cover size, you will want to choose a cover that is slightly larger than the crimp bead you are using. If you are looking to cover 2mmm crimps, for example, you will choose a 3.2mm crimp cover. Crimp bead covers also allow you the flexibility of consistently using sterling silver or silver filled crimps and changing the cover to match the materials of your design.

Earring Findings: Chandelier earring findings have long been used to create elegant and sophisticated or fun and funky earring designs. Other earring findings, like fish hook ear wires or kidney wires, are necessities for creating wire wrapped and drop beaded earrings.

Eyepins: Eyepins can be used to create dangling earrings or to create links between pieces of chain. Eye pins come with a small open loop at one end so you can open it to attach it to another loop or link. Then you can drop a bead on the wire and wrap the other end, securing your bead and linking the eye pin to the next portion of chain or beadwork. Remember: when buying headpins, the smaller the number, the harder the wire (20 gauge is harder than 24 gauge, for example).

Headpins: Headpins are used to create beaded drops. They come with a flat or ball base that holds the beads in place. You can then wire wrap them to create dangling earring, necklace and bracelet designs. Like eye pins, the smaller the number, the harder the wire.

Jump Rings: Jump rings are an absolute staple in any beader's stash. Most jump rings are open, which means they are not soldered. You can use 2 pair of chain nose pliers to open and close them so you can attach them to links and connectors, chain segments and pieces of beaded wire work. Jump rings can also be used to create chain maille designs. Typically, the measurements given on jump rings are outside diameter, so you will always want to choose a jump ring that is close in size to the beads or chain being used in your designs.

Links and Connectors: Links and connectors help you attach pieces of chain or beaded work with ease and style. Most links and connectors have loops at each end to allow you to attach jump rings or eye pins or beading wire with ease. Depending on the size and desired look, links or connectors can be used in earring, necklace and bracelet designs.

Split rings: Split rings are designed like key rings. They are a piece of wire that works in a continuous loop. Most often used for attaching charms to chain, split rings are a very secure way to attach drops or connect pieces of chain or beadwork.

Findings Videos

We don't just provide the products and information related to the products, we show you how to use them! Try out these free, featured videos that show you step by step how to work with various jewelry components and findings.

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