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I'd Give You My Heart Necklace Project
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I'd Give You My Heart Necklace Project

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  1. Place the smaller ring inside the larger ring, put both silk strings together and form a larks head knot around the nested rings centering on the silks. View Slip, Slide and Lark's Head Knots Video for a quick how to.
  2. Slide the smaller ring so that one of the holes is located at the bottom of the ring.
  3. Using two pairs of pliers gently open an 8mm jump ring and slip it into the hole of the inner ring and around the outer ring, slipping the loop of the charm on it before closing it.
  4. Simply tie the silk strings at the back of the neck at any length to wear.
Tools and Materials Needed:

Radiant Ring Link, Antique Copper, 1 1/4"- 1pc
Antique Copper Pewter 23mm Round Link With 2 Holes- 1pc
Antique Copper Fancy Filigree Heart Pendant/Charm, 18x31mm- 1pc
Hand Sewn 2mm Silk String, Wine, 40-42"- 1pc
Hand Sewn 2mm Silk String, Olive, 40-42"- 1pc
Antique Copper 8mm Open Jump Rings, 19 Guage, Bag Of 10- 1pc
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

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