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How to Use the Designer Crimper
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How to Use the Designer Crimper
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Designer Crimper Video

Join Auntie's Beads lead designer Karla Schafer for a demonstration on how to use the desginer bead crimper and other crimping tools. Bead crimping is a fundamental skill that is better demonstrated by video than described in words. She will take you through it step by step. With a little practice, you will be an expert crimper!

A bead crimp is a small round tube most often used to tie off a strand of beads by making a loop around the clasp and crimping, or flatenning, the metal to hold the loop in place. As you can see by reading some of the customer reviews of our various crimping tools, there is a bit of technique involved and not everyone gets it the first time. We hope Karla's video instruction will smooth the way for you!

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How to Use the Designer Crimper
How to Use the Designer Crimper
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Questions and Answers
Q: is this different than the original crimp tool i am used to using and i always use 49strand 19guage. whats the difference and what do you recommend? waiting for your reply thanks barbara
Asked by: - 6/29/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Barbara,

I demonstrate 3 different tools, one is the Designer Crimp Tool which is the one you are most likely using, it is the old stand by. I however prefer the Magical Crimp Forming Tool, but that is just my preference. It is really a matter of what you like and what you are comfortable using. The last tool I use is simply chain nose pliers used for flat crimping.
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