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Hoo, Who are You? Owl Necklace Project
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Hoo, Who are You? Owl Necklace Project

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  1. From the beaded pearl chain, separate a 2" piece (5 bead section). The remainder will be used for one side of the necklace.
  2. Add a split ring to one end of the 2" piece of beaded chain and attach the branch connector to the other end, utilizing the eye loops of the beaded chain..
  3. On the other end of the branch add the longer length of beaded chain in the same manner as above.
  4. Add the owl pendant to the second link of beaded chain on the longer side next the branch with a split ring.
  5. Cut a 8-10" piece of beading wire and crimp one end into the split ring on the end of the 2" beaded chain section and string the following beads: leaf bead cap, 3 glass pearls, leaf bead cap, 3 glass pearls, leaf bead cap, 3 glass pearls, leaf bead cap, 3 glass pearls, leaf bead cap, 3 glass pearls, leaf bead cap.
  6. Add the lobster clasp to another split ring and crimp the end of the beading wire into it.
  7. The necklace is adjustable by clasping into the beadede chain.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Antique Gold Pewter Owl Pendant, 22x44mm
Antique Gold Branch Connector Pendant, 32x54mm
6mm Glass Pearl Chain By The Foot, Antique Brass- 1ft
8mm Glass Pearl Round Bead Strand, Turquoise- 15pc
Antique Gold 10mm Bead Cap With Leaves, 10pc- 6pc
Antique Brass 12mm Lobster Clasp
Antique Brass 6mm Split Rings, 25pc- 3pc
Beadalon 49-strand Wire, 30 ft., .018
Antique Brass Plated Recycled Copper Crimp Beads, 100pc- 2pc
BeadSmith Magical Crimp Forming Tool For .014"-.015" Wire
Beadalon Designer Crimper Tool
Nipper Tool

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