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Happy Days Bracelet Project (Archive)
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Happy Days Bracelet Project (Archive)
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Happy Days Bracelet Blue is one of my favorite colors, and mixing shades just adds depth to your piece. This blue charm bracelet is a real winner!
Directions: 1. Cut 7" of chain and add split rings to each end. Add the toggle. 2. Using your head pins, add 3mm silver, flower, 3mm silver and wire wrap to bracelet, leaving 3 links in between each flower. 3. In between each flower, drop 3 beads, 2 of one color and 1 of the other blue.

Please note: We no longer carry some or all of the materials used to create this piece; therefore, the instructions and list of materials needed to complete this project are not available. This piece is demonstrated for inspiration purposes only.
Materials and Tools Used
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