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Green Eyed Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace

Green Eyed Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace

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In this project we will be working with wire so it will be helpful to watch the following videos: Working with Wire Episode 2: How to Make Clasps ; Working with Wire Episode 3: How to Wire Wrap Beads and Working with Wire Episode 4: How to Wrap Pendants-Top Drilled.

Bail for pendant:
  1. Measure approximately 24 inches and cut. This will be the wire used to wire wrap your pendant for your handmade bail.
  2. Take this wire and feed all but 5 inches, this 5 inches should be molded to one side of your pendant and leave the remaining portion of this wire for now.
  3. Next take the other end that has been fed to the top of your pendant and make three loops using the handle of your bail making pliers. Make the center loop taller and thinner then make one loop on each side of this loop making them shorter and a little chubbier.
  4. After making each loop, wrap your wire around the base of the loop and back around before going on to the next loop.
  5. Once the third loop is finished wrap any remaining wire around the base of your bail.
  6. Then take the remaining portion of your wire from the other end and wrap around the base until all the wire has been used.
  7. Tuck the end tight against the base.
    This necklace has a total of 14 wire wrapped sections of various bead count from the 8mm strand of green agate. The left side and right side mirror each other with the exception of the clasp.
    1. Starting on the right side you will have an eye clasp with one bead wire wrapped; a three bead wire wrapped section; a two bead wire wrapped section; a three bead wire wrapped section; a two bead wire wrapped section; a five bead wire wrapped section and a one bead wire wrapped section with connection to the pendant.
    2. The left side will have a hook clasp with one bead wire wrapped and then the same order as described above for the right side.
      We used 20 gauge wire for this project since the beads had a smaller hole and we didn’t want to have to ream each bead before loading on to the wire. These beads are also 8mm and may be over powered with a larger gauge wire. In this project we were looking to enhance the look of the bead while show casing their amazing striations. Also, jump rings were not used to connect each section (which you could use as an alternative) and therefore requires each section to be looped into the section it is next to before closing the wire wrapped loop. I always attach the top loop of the section I am working with into the bottom loop of the section I want the new one to be next to. So I make my loop but leave it open, place the wire through the loop of the section I am attaching this section to and then complete my wrapped loop.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    Green Agate Freeform pendant with gold plating- 1pc
    8mm Antique Green Agate Faceted Bead Strand - 1 strand
    Artistic Wire Non Tarnish Brass Wire 20 gauge- 1pc
    Chain Nose Pliers
    Medium Bail Making Pliers
    Flush Cutter

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