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Flower Child Earrings Project
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Flower Child Earrings Project

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  1. Lay the pendants on a protected surface or prop them up on the rim of a small cup or lid. Orient them so you have them "mirrored".
  2. Decide where you would like to place the flat backs prior to using the glue. I chose to only bling three flowers each, the large center flower, the medium one and the small one next to it, refer to photo.
  3. Please heed this warning for this step...Zap-a-Gap is strong, be careful when using it...you may find yourself glued to the bottle. Place a drop of glue into the center of flower and place the flat back into the drop using beading tweezers. Repeat for all centers you would like to bling and repeat for the other pendant.
  4. When the glue is dry enough to handle the piece, which should be just a few minutes, simply open the earwire and slip the pendant on and close.
  5. Repeat for the second pendant to complete the pair.


Fuchsia 47mm Metal Pendant, Field Of Flowers- 2pc
Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs, 3mm, Bag of 25, Crystal AB- 6pc
Sterling Silver French Wires, Pair- 1pr
Straight Nose Tweezers
Zap-A-Gap Quick Drying Adhesive, .5 oz
Round Nose Pliers or
Chain Nose Pliers

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