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Flat Spiral Stitch Video (4119)

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 Flat Spiral Stitch Video


This stitch was brought to my attention by a customer and found by one of our designers. This stitch is easy and works up quickly! It is a flat variation of Spiral Rope. So join me as I demonstrate this great stitch! I may have a new favorite!.

Karla Schafer, Auntie’s Beads Designer
For written Instructions check out Domestic Diva

Materials and Tools Needed:

Miyuki Seed Beads, Metallic Dark Bronze, 11/0- 5 gr
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Crystal- 50-52pc
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Crystal- 26-28pc
Antique Copper Plate Small Classic Toggle Clasp, 12 x 15mm
Fireline Fine Crystal, 6 lb. Thread, 50 Yards, .008
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack- 1pc
Other suggested color combinations:
Miyuki Seed Beads, Metallic Dark Bronze, 11/0- 5 gr
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Light Smoked Topaz- 50-52pc
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, 6mm, Bag of 10, Night Blue - 26-28pc
Miyuki Seed Bead Mix, Deep Blue Sea, 11/0
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Montana-50-52pc
Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Montana-26-28pc

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Materials and Tools Used
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 6mm, Crystal, 10pc
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 6mm, Crystal, 10pc
Your Price: $1.55
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 4mm, Crystal, 20pc
Swarovski Crystal Bicone (5328) 4mm, Crystal, 20pc
Your Price: $1.79
11/0 Metallic Dark Bronze Miyuki Seed Beads
11/0 Metallic Dark Bronze
Your Price: $3.79
TierraCast Antique Copper Pewter Small Classic Toggle, 12 x 15mm
Antique Copper Pewter Small Classic Toggle, 12 x 15mm
Your Price: $1.99
Fireline Fine Crystal, 6 lb. Thread, 50 Yards, .008
Fireline Fine Crystal, 6 lb. Thread, 50 Yards, .008
Your Price: $9.99
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
Your Price: $2.49
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 4mm, Light Smoked Topaz, 20pc
Swarovski Crystal Bicone (5328) 4mm, Light Smoked Topaz, 20pc
Your Price: $1.99
11/0 Miyuki Seed Bead Mix, Deep Blue Sea
11/0 Deep Blue Sea Mix
Your Price: $2.49
Customer Reviews
I love this bracelet!
I have made this bracelet many times and have received so many compliments. It is a very elegant looking bracelet! Thanks Karla for your great tutorials!
Reviewed by: Annette Pratt from Belle River, Ontario, Canada. on 4/13/2014
I love this bracelet
When I was in Georgia we had a missionary living with us. She was getting married and so I made her a necklace, bracelet and erring set all in crystals. They were beautiful. I lost the videos when my computer died but just found it again today. Thank you so much for all of your great videos Karla. Ruthie
Reviewed by: Ruthie Karr from Exeter, ca. on 3/12/2014
wow,the explanation is clean easy to view and understand.continue,it's great.thks
Reviewed by: kanz from mauritius. on 9/28/2012
Love this bracelet!
I've made several of these over the years. Absolutely love it - it looks SO expensive and is pretty easy to master. I'm wondering if you have ever posted any videos on how to repair such a bracelet. After wearing this over and over and over, I have a thread that broke about 3/4 of the way into the bracelet. I've almost given up trying to fix it and am thinking about taking it apart and just re-making it. Any suggestions? Thank you - you rock!
Reviewed by: Ruth Garutti from Carlisle, PA. on 2/12/2012
Flat Spiral Video
Definitely VERY easy...and the outcome is absolutely gorgeous...just found my favorite beading stitch...Thank you so much!! I cant wait to try the double strand one next.....
Reviewed by: Diana from Minnesota. on 2/10/2012
flat stitch
I am new to beading and thought id give this stitch a try. Ive have just compleated it and I LOVE the outcome of this stitch. thanks Karla for the instructional video it really has helped!
Reviewed by: LaShanda Lewis from Illinois. on 10/2/2011
Flat Spiral Stitch Video
Love the flat spiral stitch bracelet! I've made quite a few and love everyone. Branching out on the 2 row flat spiral - really fun to make! Also, enjoy seeing all of Karla's jewelry she wears - so unsual. Would love to find out how to make or purchase the instructions for some of the rings worn. Thanks for the inspiration and confidence in creating beautiful jewelry!!!
Reviewed by: Cathy from Virginia Beach. on 8/28/2011
Thank you
Hi Karla, I have been watching your instructional videos and just want to say WOW. Thanks so much. Very easy to follow and have had fantastic results. Going to master spiral rope next. Louise
Reviewed by: Louise Pope from Cardiff, UK. on 8/24/2011
LOVED this video!!
This was my first stitching project I attempted and it turned out Beautifully!!! I love Karla's videos and she makes everything so easy to understand, even for a beginner like me! Keep up the good work! I watch ALL the videos multiple times!
Reviewed by: Karen Eaton from Katy, TX. on 5/14/2011
Flat Spiral Bracelet
Hello Karla Just want you to know that you have inspired and taught me to do so many lovely pieces in jewellery making I make it because it's beautiful, but also I am arthritic and love to sit quietly and create. Keepup the great instructional tutorials. I love them.
Reviewed by: Peggy MacMichael from Upper Tantallon Nova Scotia Canada. on 5/3/2011
geez, i love this
After watching this video just a couple times, I was able to embark on a new obsession and have made hundreds of these to donate to a church bazaar. So far, that church has made almost $1,000. I could never have done it without this video.
Reviewed by: karen s smith from pennsylvania. on 5/2/2011
Flat Spiral Stitch Video Review
I made my mother a lovely bracelet by following the step by step instructions in this video. The instructions were very precise and easy to follow. Great work.
Reviewed by: Gloria Stocks from Michigan. on 4/26/2011
again thank you that is just amazing what you do with beads.. Now I really got to get to beading lol your awesome. Love you ideas and projects!!
Reviewed by: teresa mitchell from kennewick. on 4/17/2011
flat spiral stitch
I have a new favorite stitch. love the way this works up.
Reviewed by: Debi from Pa. on 4/1/2011
Beauty with ease
The Flat Spiral Stitch is awesome. I made one with 6mm white pearls, 4mm Amethyst bicones and amethyst 11/0 seed bead. I love the ease of it. And I love working with Pearls and Crystals. Thank you Auntie's Beads. Linda
Reviewed by: Linda from Western USA. on 3/11/2011
Flat Spiral Stitch
This stitch makes a really beautiful bracelet. It's so easy to do yet looks so intricate. Thanks for posting this easy to follow video!
Reviewed by: Karla E. from Estacada, Oregon. on 2/12/2011
Flat Spiral Stitch Video
Great stitch. I have used it many times with different colors and beads, i.e. pearls. This is fun and easy. THANKS. Keep them coming.
Reviewed by: Robin from WI. on 2/2/2011
Flat Spiral Stitch Video
Karla, you are simply wonderful in your tutorial videos. I LOVE the Flat Spiral Stitch Video and it is something that I can stitch together and it actually looks professionally done. Thanks for all of your wonderful hints and tips!! I''''m making these for Christmas presents for all the women in my family!! THANK YOU Karla!!
Reviewed by: Carla from Anchorage Alaska. on 10/25/2010
Love this stitch!
This is a fun, easy stitch to learn and the instructions are easy to follow. This makes a beautiful, dramatic bracelet with endless possible combinations!
Reviewed by: Madalyn from MN. on 10/12/2010
Flat Spiral Stitch
This was such an easy and fun project! I liked this bracelet so much, I made several in all sorts of colors and different sizes of beads. Thanks Karla!
Reviewed by: Gloria from Redondo Beach, CA. on 6/7/2010
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