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First Impressions Bracelet Project
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First Impressions Bracelet Project

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  1. Cut a piece of beading wire measuring about 30". String a 10mm bead on the center of the wire.
  2. String 8 seed beads on the right. Run your wire back through the bead. String 8 seed beads on the left. Run the wire back through the bead.
  3. Repeat step 2 one more time so you have 4 rows of seed beads running across your bead. Take the time to position these beads and pull on your wires snugly so the beads stay in place and are equidistant on the bead.
  4. Put a bead stopper to one side of the embellished bead.
  5. String a seed bead, helix bead, seed bead, rondelle, seed bead, helix bead, seed bead and a 10mm round.
  6. Repeat the process from steps 2 and 3 to embellish the 10mm bead just added.
  7. String a seed bead, helix bead, seed bead, rondelle, seed bead, helix bead, seed bead, crimp bead, and another seed bead. Add half of your toggle clasp. Run the wire back down through the seed bead, crimp bead, seed bead and helix bead. Use your chain nose pliers to crimp. Cut excess wire.
  8. Remove the bead stopper from the other side. Repeat steps 5 through 7 to complete the piece.
Tools and Materials Needed:

China Blue Impression Jasper 10mm Gemstone Bead Strand (3 pieces)
China Blue Impression Jasper Rondelle Bead Strand, 5x8mm (4 pieces)
Chinese Crystal 10mm Helix Bead Strand, Lt. Colorado Topaz AB (8 pieces)
8/0 Matte Met Dk Raspberry Iris Miyuki
Antique Brass Pewter Flower Toggle with Swirls, 20mm
Crimp Beads, Gold Filled, Bag of 50, 2 x 2 mm (2 pieces)
Beadalon 19-strand Wire, 30 ft., .015, Metallic Satin Gold (about 30 inches)
Nipper Tool
Chain Nose Pliers
Bead Stoppers, 6-Pack

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