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Fancy Round Wire Wrapped Earrings Project

Fancy Round Wire Wrapped Earrings Project

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1. I started with about 14" or more of wire, making a simple wrapped loop at the end using my round nose pliers, wrapping about 2- three times, trimming any excess with my nipper tool.
2. Slip on the crystal faceted square bead, starting another loop below it, again two to three wraps.
3. Still working with the long piece of wire, wrap up around the edge or corner of the bead; across the back middle, holding the wire in place with your fingers, up across the opposite corner back to the top wrapped loop. You should see the wire around opposite corners on one side and across the middle on the other side.
4. Holding the wire in place with your fingers, gently wrap around the previously wrapped loop about two times, keeping it as flat as possible, trim the excess.
5. Start another loop using the cut piece of wire, but slip the wire into the bottom loop of the crystal square and wrap, closing the loop.
6. Repeat Step 2 through Step 4 for the jet faceted square.
7. At this point you can "tweak" the wires across the back or leave them as they are, I "tweaked" them, which means I took my Chain Nose Pliers and turned the wire, by placing the wire within the tip and turning the pliers slightly, it tightens up the wire and adds a little detail or design.
8. I like this side to be the face side of my earrings, so working as this is the front, take the excess cut wire and make a small flat coil, using the round nose pliers and then the chain nose pliers, about 3 turns or to desired size.
9. Create a right angle at the top of the coil using the chain nose pliers.
10. Using the round nose pliers bend the wire over the jaws allowing you to slip the wire in and over the wrapped loop of the jet drop, your piece will resemble a "treble cleft"; slip it into the loop and then through the coin charm.
11. Bring the wires together and wrap a loop, trimming the excess.
12. Make necessary adjustments so that the coil lays flat against the coin charm and then add the drop to the ear wire.
13. Repeat all steps above to complete the pair!



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