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Escalade Climbing Rope Necklace
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Escalade Climbing Rope Necklace

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  1. Cut a piece of the climbing cord using the little cut tool, about 18" in the purple and 20" in the blue.
  2. Use tape or burn the ends with a lighter to prevent raveling. (Tip: if you have received the cord with a melted end and find it hard to slide on the findings, just trim the melted ends with a nipper tool.)
  3. Slide the purple cord through the top of the bail finding and the blue through the bottom, centering the bail.
  4. Dry fit the finding before gluing to check the length. Trim if necessary.
  5. When ready to apply the ends, put a dab of E6000 into the end finding cap and add the cord, twisting it to insure it is in all the way.
  6. Repeat for the other side.
  7. Add the clasp to one side of the necklace, using two jump rings to extend the length.
  8. Add about 3" of chain to the other end cap using a jump ring.
  9. Add the pendant with the 10mm jump ring to the loop of the bail.
  10. Let dry for several hours before wearing.

Tools and Materials Needed:
10mm Climbing Cord By The Inch, Purple- 18"
10mm Climbing Cord By The Inch, Blue- 20"
Sugilite Jasper Gemstone Fan Pendant, 45x50mm- 1pc
Sujalite Jasper Teardrop Gemstone Pendant- 1pc
Antique Silver Double Tube Bead/Bail, 26x28mm- 1pc
Antique Silver Double Cord End, 20x25mm- 2pc
Silver Filled 18 Gauge 10mm Open Jump Rings, 1pc
6mm Silver Plated 18 Gauge Jump Rings, 10pc- 3pc
Silver Pewter Heart Lobster Clasp, 13x27mm- 1pc
Antique Silver Plated Textured Oval Cable Chain By The Foot- 3"
E6000 Adhesive, 2oz
BeadSmith Little Cut Tool for Licorice Leather
Nipper Tool

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