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Embellishment Peyote Bracelet Project

Embellishment Peyote Bracelet Project

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  1. To create the base bracelet, you need to know how to do Even Count Peyote. Make the bracelet 6 cubes wide to the length you desire.
  2. After you have completed the bracelet, minus the clasp, I suggest adding the filigree finding first.
  3. Find the approximate center of your bracelet. Using Fireline, sew on the filigree from the center out by run your needle through the beads and up through the filigree until you are satisfied of it's connection. Tie several half hitch knots within the work and trim your thread.
  4. You are now ready to add your clasp, using the tail you have left at the end of your bracelet or tie in a new thread with several half hitch knots.
  5. Begin with the slide lock closed (put together), pick up 5 to 6 15/0 and run your needle through the first loop of the clasp and back through the cube you started from, make a couple of passes and then weave through second cube, out the next up cube.
  6. Again pick up 5-6 15/0 and go again, repeat until you have completed all three loops of the side of the clasp.
  7. Repeat for the other side to complete the clasp attachment.
  8. It would be a good idea to make a couple of passes through those two to three rows on the end to re-enforce them.
  9. You may separate the clasp and lay your piece out flat on your work surface.
  10. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the center of the filigree and add your cabochon, letting it dry completely before wearing!

Tools and Materials Needed:
Miyuki 3mm Cube Beads, Met Dk Bronze- 20grams
15/0 Met Gold Iris Miyuki Seed Beads- a pinch
14mm Turquoise Howlite Round Cabochon
Antique Gold Concave Fancy Flower Filigree, 42mm
Antique Brass 3-Strand Slide Lock Clasp
Fireline Fine Crystal, 6 lb. Thread, 50 Yards, .008
English Beading Needles, Assorted Sizes, 4-Pack
E6000 Adhesive, 2oz
Beadalon Flush Cutter with Soft Ergonomic Handles
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