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Easter Sunday Bracelet Project
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Easter Sunday Bracelet Project

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Easter Sunday Bracelet 

This new 5 strand clasp is ideal for a bracelet.  The jonquil and violet crystals look perfect with the Spring Flowers seed bead mix.  The finished product, complete with a rose bloom, reminded me of something you would wear with your Easter dress.  

Kelly McCoy, Auntie’s Beads Designer
The following project uses basic bead stringing and crimping technique.  If you are new to basic bead stringing and crimping, I recommend watching our Basic Beading Video


Author Kelly Henderson
Kelly Henderson
Auntie's Beads Designer
Sold As: Free Project Instructions

1.  Use your nipper tool to cut 10, 6 inch pieces of beading wire (5 for each side of the filigree centerpiece).
2.  Take 5 of the wire pieces and add one crimp bead followed by two seed beads.  Bring the wire through the appropriate hole in the filigree finding and then back through the two seed beads and the crimp bead.  Crimp with your preferred crimp tool leaving 3-4mm of wire. 
3.  On each piece of wire, add 4 seed beads (bring these over the 3-4mm of wire you left in step 2), a jonquil bicone, four more seed beads, a violet bicone, four more seed beads and then a crimp bead followed by two more seed beads.  Bring the wire through the appropriate hole in your clasp, back through the crimp bead, the next two seed beads, and a few more seed beads.  Pull snugly (but make sure your bracelet can easily bend and has flexibility) and then crimp.  Trim the excess wire.
4.  After you have completed each of the 5 pieces of wire, repeat the exact same process on the other side of the filigree centerpiece.  Finally, add a generous amount of clear drying adhesive (I used G-S Hypo Cement) on the back of your light-purple rose bead.  Then, carefully place it on your filigree centerpiece.  Allow 4-5 hours of drying time.
Materials and Tools Needed:

Seed Bead Mix, 8/0, Spring Flowers (1 Bag)
Composite Rose Bead, 23mm, Light Purple (1 Bead)
Beadalon 49-Strand Wire, .015" (5 feet)
Sterling Silver Crimp Beads, 2x2mm (20 crimps)
Silver Plate Filigree Oval Link/Connector, 23x30mm (1 Piece)
Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicones, Violet, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicones, Jonquil, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
Silver Plated Copper 5 Strand Bali Style Clasp (1)
G-S Hypo Cement OR your preferred clear drying adhesive
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