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Disco Diva Earrings Project

Disco Diva Earrings Project

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1.  Place both of your 6mm fuchsia bicones on eyepins. Above the beads, use your wire looping pliers to make a loop and then trim the excess wire.
2.  Cut off two links of chain.  Repeat.  
3.  On a headpin, place a mirrored sterling silver round, and then your fuchsia disco bead.  Above the beads, wire wrap to one of the two links of chain you cut in step 2 (use the video technique if you need help). 
4.  Use your chain nose pliers to open the loop below one of your fuchsia bicones and attach it to the chain link above the link you attached your disco bead to.  Open the loop above your bicone and attach it to the other two links of chain your cut in step 2.  
5.  Open the loop below your second fuchsia bicone and close it around the top chain link.  Then, open the loop above it and close it around your french wire using your chain nose pliers.  Repeat all steps for a matching earring. 
Materials and Tools Needed:
Chinese Crystal 16mm Disco Bead, Fuchsia, Acrylic (2 Beads)
Swarovski Crystal 6mm Bicone, Fuchsia (4 Beads)
Sterling Silver Twisted French Wires, 20 Gauge, Pair (1 Pair)
Sterling Silver Round Mirror Bead, 4mm (2 Beads)
Silver Plate Flat Oval Link Chain By The Foot, 6x3mm (1 Foot)
2 Inch Sterling Silver Eyepins, 24 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
2 Inch Sterling Silver Headpins, 22 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1 Bag)
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