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Dainty Dangle Necklace Project

Dainty Dangle Necklace Project

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Step 1. Use your nipper tool to cut a 2.5 inch piece off of your 2 feet of chain. Use your mini round nose pliers and copper colored headpins to dangle different varieties of 4 or 5 bicones from your autumn mix from the chain. Hang 4 or 5 different headpins, skipping links of chain in between.

Step 2. Use your pliers to open a copper jump ring and hang your beaded chain from the bottom of your link.

Step 3. Use your nipper tool to cut 2, six inch pieces of beading wire. String 3 bicones, your brushed copper curved tube and then three more bicones on each piece. Then use crimp beads and your designer bead crimper to attach one end of each piece to the top of your link.

Step 4. Use crimp beads and your crimper tool to attach the other ends of your beaded wires to your copper chain. You can adjust the length of chain you use to your taste.

Step 5. Cut your copper chain in the center so that you can attach your clasp. Use your pliers and copper jump rings to attach the ends of your chain to each piece of your hook and eye clasp.

Step 6. Use the rounded part of your crimper tool to secure copper crimp covers over your sterling silver crimp beads to create a finished look. Enjoy!

Materials and Tools Needed:

Brushed Copper Curved Tube, 2 x 38mm (2)
Copper Curved Tube Beads with Rope Ends, 21mm (2)
Copper Plated Pewter Fancy Beaded Link, 21 x 28mm (1)
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 48, Autumn Mix (1)
Antique Copper Curb Chain by the Foot, 4.2mm (2)
Antique Copper Plate Beaded Hook and Eye Clasp (1)
Antique Copper Jump Rings, Open, Bag of 10, 5mm, 20 Gauge (1)
Copper Head Pins, 2", 22 Gauge, Bag of 25 (1)
Beadalon 49-strand Wire, 30 ft., .018 (1)
Mini Round Nose Pliers (1)
Nipper Tool (1)
Beadalon Designer Bead Crimper (1)

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