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Color Wheel Video
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Color Wheel Video
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In this Karla Kam, I will just touch on some of the benefits of having and using a Color Wheel! If you ever have been stuck on what color to use in a project, what matches a certain color and so on, this tool, the Rainbow Color Selector will become a valued tool in your arsenal!

Karla Schafer, Auntie's Beads Designer
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Customer Reviews
Rating Color wheel instructions
I really want a color wheel and thought this one appeared to be the best one I had been able to find. However, the video instructions were confusing and unclear to me. If I decide to get this tool, I hope the accompanying instruction pamphlet will clarify how it can be used.
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Home. - 2/10/2014
Rating Color Wheel
I thought Karla spoke too fast and I didn't quite understand the whole concept.
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Michigan. - 9/29/2013
Rating Color Wheel
I found Carla's video extremely helpful because I am very familiar with the color wheel and how it is laid out. I needed help in understanding the arrows so I chose complimentary colors that were not obvious.
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Greenville SC. - 7/24/2013
Rating Color Wheel
Karla was going very fast in explaining the Color Wheel and Techniques. I'm still somewhat confused.
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Kingstree, SC. - 7/23/2013
Rating Color Wheel Video
I didn't quite understand the instructions, or the arrow "bit"...It really was unclear to me what Karla was trying to instruct. Can she do it again? Or, do you need to have one of these explicitly to follow along? Usually, the videos are much easier to follow :( -- B. Dowd
Did you find this helpful?
Reviewed by: from Florida. - 4/26/2013
Questions and Answers
Q: Perhaps, I should have looked at he bottom of the screen before I asked this question but I feel kind of stupid asking you if you could go just a little slower on another video. I just feel if a person has never seen this before it's hard to understand how to figure out what you are talking about. I do know about the color wheel and very well but not in this manner. I'm a hairstylist and this is how we go about figuring out the formula to use on ones hair so that it will turn out the right color. But, jewelry is the same but different. Is there a redo you might consider doing and slow down for the ones who may not understand like me? You need to point out what arrows your speaking of and point to what you are speaking of as you are going rather than just telling us because we don't know what your talking about and the video is done and I am still at the beginning thinking huh? Kidding Please consider it? Thank you.
Asked by: - 9/1/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: Cynthia,
The color wheel comes with instructions on how to use it. The video is just a brief introduction on how it can be used. I am always open for constructive criticism, I had a much more involved approach to the video originally and decided it would be better to do something briefer. Karla
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