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Coiling Gizmo Earrings Project

Coiling Gizmo Earrings Project

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1.Make a coil out of the 22ga wire, using our Coiling Gizmo Instructional Video.

2.Cut two pieces of coiled wire into 2” lengths.

3.Cut two pieces of 20 ga wire, 3” long.

4.Using the tip of the round nose pliers make a loop in one end of the 20ga wire.

5.String on 3mm sterling silver bead on the wire, then the coil and another 3mm sterling silver bead.

6.Take the wire and wrap it into a u shape around a pen.

7.Wrap the end of the wire without a loop around below the loop and trim with the nipper tool.

8.Open an eye pin and place the loop of the coiled teardrop on it and close.

9.Drop a 4mm bicone and wrap a loop, trim the excess wire with the nipper tool.

10.Attach the ear wire to the dangle.

11.Repeat to complete the pair.

Materials and Tools Needed:

Artistic Silver Plate Wire Spool, 20 gauge, Non-Tarnish Silver
Artistic Silver Plate Wire Spool, 22 gauge, Non-Tarnish Silver
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Bag of 10, Your choice of color- 2pc
Sterling Silver Seamless Beads, 3mm, Bag of 25- 4pc
2 Inch Silver Eye Pins, 21 Gauge, Bag of 10- 2pc
Sterling Silver Earwire with 2 mm Ball, Pair- 1pr
Coiling Gizmo
Round Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool
Nylon Jaw Pliers

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