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Chocolate Rain Earrings Project

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About This Project

Chocolate Rain Earrings
I really like this Swarovski crystal color combination; garnet, light smoked topaz, mocca and smoked topaz. These silver plate earring findings are shiney, delicate and pretty!
Kelly McCoy, Auntie's Beads Designer 
Silver Plated Double Hoop Earring Findings, 18mm (1)
Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone, Mocca, Bag of 10 (1)
Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone, Light Smoked Topaz, Bag of 10 (1) 
Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone, Garnet, Bag of 10 (1) 
Swarovski Crystal 6mm Bicone, Smoked Topaz (2)
Silver Plated French Wires with Coil and 3mm Bead, Bag of 10 (1)
Silver Plate Oval Link Chain By the Foot, 6 x 3mm (1)
Silver Plate Jump Rings, Open, 7mm, 19 Gauge, Bag of 10 (1)
Silver Plated Head Pins, 2 Inch, 22 Gauge, Bag of 25 (2) 

Wire Wrapping Pliers
Nipper Tool
Chain  Nose Jewelry Pliers


Author Kelly Henderson
Kelly Henderson
Auntie's Beads Designer
1. Place each of your Swarovski Crystal bicones on a headpin.  Above each crystal, use your wire looping pliers to create a small loop. Trim the excess wire using your nipper tool.
2.  Use your chain nose jewelry pliers to open the eye of a silver plated French wire.  Dangle the silver plated double loop earring finding from it and use your pliers to gently close it again. 
3.  Use your pliers to open a jump ring.  Place it around both the top loop of your double loop earring finding and the loop you made above one of the two 6mm Swarovski bicones.  Close the jump ring, allowing the crystal to dangle. 
4.  Trim three links of chain off of your foot of chain using your nipper tool. Then, use your pliers and a jump ring to dangle those three links from the bottom loop of your earring finding.
5.  Begin hanging 4mm crystals from the three chain links and the jump ring from which they hang.  To do this, simply open the small loops you made in step 1 and carefully close it around the chain links.  Place the crystals in a random order but be sure to space the colors out well.  Use half of the 4mm crystals, which will total 15. The other 15 are for the matching earring, which you will make exactly the same way!

Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Chocolate Rain Earrings
Can't wait to make these.....hopefully i can place an order next week for these.. Im also adding the jewelry line along with my candle making i do.
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Reviewed by:  from hatfield, Arkansas. on 4/20/2012
5 Stars
Boy, do I wish I had several of that finding! I love the earings as is, but what about substituting blue zircon, indicolite, montana and indian blue. Or gold with light topaz, sun, fire opal and light siam? I am going to try to duplicate these with some chain links and see what happens. Good work Kelly.
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Reviewed by:  from Southey. on 12/2/2010

Materials and Supplies Used in This Project:

Silver Plated French Wires with Coil and 3mm Bead, Bag Of 10
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