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Charming Pin Project
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Charming Pin Project
Item Id: PROJ-0010
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Project Description:

A charming pin, a keepsake for someone special or a talisman in the making. You may add anything you desire: charms that mean something or have a "power" or simply your children's birthstones. I added crimp covers to act as a spacer to divide the charms I included.

Karla Schafer, Aunties Beads Designer

Author Karla Schafer
Karla Schafer
Auntie's Beads Designer
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I used a Rosary Loop in this construction, so please watch the Rosary Loops Video for a "how to". Also the Jump Lock Ring Video for a "how to".

  1. Drop the Swarovski Helix onto a head pin, using the wire looping tool, create a rosary loop attaching it to a loop on the butterfly link.
  2. Decide the order of your charms and add them to the lower pin bar using the Jump Lock Rings. I placed the butterfly link with crystal on first, the faith charm and then the cross.
  3. To act as spacers, add crimp covers between the charms, by opening them a bit wider with two pairs of pliers. Using the pliers to close the crimp cover.


Silver Pewter Add-A-Bead Butterfly Pin, 17x60mm- 1pc
Silver Plated Butterfly Connector, 13mm- 1pc
Silver Pewter Message Charm, "Faith", 11x12mm- 1pc
Sterling Silver Cross Charm, 8X13.5mm- 1pc
Swarovski Crystal Helix Bead, 8 mm, Crystal - 1pc
Silver Filled 4mm Crimp Bead Covers, Bag Of 10- 4pc
Silver Plated 6mm Jump Lock Rings, Bag of 10- 3pc
Silver Plate Head Pins, 2 Inch, 22 Gauge, Bag of 25- 1pc
Wire Looping Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool

Material and Supplies Used in This Project:
Sterling Silver  Cross Charm, 8X13.5mm
Sterling Silver Cross Charm, 8X13.5mm
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Your Price: $3.99
Silver Plated 6mm Jump Lock Rings, 10pc
Silver Plated 6mm Jump Lock Rings, 10pc
Average Rating 5 Review(s)
Your Price: $3.99
Silver Plate Head Pins, 2 Inch, 22 Gauge, 25pc
Silver Plate Head Pins, 2 Inch, 22 Gauge, 25pc
Average Rating 12 Review(s)
Your Price: $1.79
Wire Looping Pliers
Wire Looping Pliers
Average Rating 22 Review(s)
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Round Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
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Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers
Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers
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Classic Nipper Tool
Classic Nipper Tool
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