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Bracelet Size Wrist Gauge Video
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Bracelet Size Wrist Gauge Video
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What a great tool to have, no more guessing or asking your customers what size wrist do you have...this tool will allow you to find the right size the first time. I demonstrate how to use the gauge and another great use for this measurement device...how to measure for bangles!

Tips and Tricks
  • The bracelet wrist gauge can also be used for sizing bangles - just make sure the gauge can slip snugly over the hand of the person who will be wearing the bangle.

Karla Schafer, Auntie's Beads Designer
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Materials and Supplies Used in This Video:
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Bracelet Size Wrist Gauge, Metal
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Customer Reviews
Rating Metal Bracelet Size Gauge
I didn't think I was that big but if I put this on the largest setting (9") I can only *just barely* pass it over my hand. Would be nice if it came in a larger size. I can only get it down to 6-1/2" (it goes all the way down to 5" but I can't force it that far) but at 6" it would only fit a young girl (or guy!).
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Reviewed by: from Sydney, Australia. - 3/8/2014
Rating Bracelet Gauge Video, including great tip!
Karla's concise video shows how to take an accurate wrist measurement using this great tool; so glad I purchased one! Thank you, Karla, for that added tip about using the tool for bangle measurements as well.
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Reviewed by: from Winterport, ME. - 2/28/2014
Rating Bracelet Size Wrist Gauge Video
This was a very short quick video . This a great tool to have, when you are making a bracelet for someone new. You can find out what size their wrist is. Also Karla gave a good tip about making a bangle. I have a very small wrist also, so a bangle might not work for me either .
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Reviewed by: from Videos . - 2/23/2014
Questions and Answers
Q: How do you account for the variations in the size of the beads being used. I could see how this would be perfect for something like a bangle or a wrap or seed bead bracelet but what if you are using larger stones like nuggets? How do you adjust for the thickness of the stones in the size of the bracelet? I would think that the overall "length" would be larger than what you are measuring using the Wrist Gauge since it is flat metal on skin. Can you please clarify? Thanks!
Asked by: - 9/1/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: It really just helps you determine the length someone wears. For instance there are several size wrists in this office. I am about average or above, yet Susie has a very tiny wrist. So this gauge would give me the general idea of size to make a bracelet for her. Your point on chunky beads is a good one, if you knew the general size bracelet you needed to make you could then add a bit for the chunkiness of the beads, however you will not have an exact measurement. Karla
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