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Blue Lagoon Bracelet Project
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Blue Lagoon Bracelet Project

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1.  Remove the jump ring that comes on your lobster clasp and replace it with a 6mm split ring.  Use your nipper tool to cut two, ten inch pieces of beading wire.  On each piece, string a crimp bead with two seed beads on top of it.  Bring the wire around the 6mm split ring, through both seed beads and through the crimp bead.  Pull the wire so that about an inch is sticking out of the crimp bead and crimp (repeat with both pieces of wire).  If you want, you can tape your lobster clasp down while you string the rest of the bracelet.
2.  String 6 seed beads on each strand.  Be sure that your 6 seed beads slide over the extra inch of wire from step 1.  Then, bring both strands through the appropriate hole of a 2-strand separator.  Add 6 more beads, then string both strands together through a Chinese Crystal bead.  Again, string 6 seed beads on each strand and bring them together through a Chinese Crystal bead.  A third time, string 6 seed beads on each strand and then string them together through a Chinese Crystal bead. 
3.  String 6 seed beads and then string on another 2-strand separator like we did in step 2.  String on 6 more seed beads and then end the bracelet just as you started it, by crimping to a 6mm split ring.  Your ending bracelet will be 7 inches in length.
Materials and Tools Needed:
Miyuki 6/0 Seed Bead Mix, 10 Gram Bag, Electric Blue Lagoon (1)
Chinese Crystal Octagon Bead, Blue Iris, 12mm (3)
Sterling Silver Split Rings, 6mm, Bag of 10 (1)
Large Lobster Clasp, 6x14mm (1)
Beadalon 49-Strand Wire, .015" (10 inches)
Sterling Silver Sunflower Separator, 2 Strand (2)
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