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Bitty Bead Necklace Project
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Bitty Bead Necklace Project

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    View Beading with Right Angle Weave Video for a quick how to.
    (CO-cross over- means to run the thread through the bead going in the opposite direction)

  1. Cut a 16 ½” length of chain and set aside.
  2. Cut 2ft of supple max and string 3 bicones and let them fall to the center.
  3. String one bicone on your left thread and CO with the right thread.
  4. Drop a bicone on each thread, then one on the left and CO.
  5. Continue until you have threaded 9 bicones.
  6. String a bicone on each thread and place the center of the chain in the middle of the bead strip.
  7. CO into the middle bead at the bottom, thus forming the beaded bead and enveloping the chain.
  8. Run your threads through the sides of the work to reinforce the bead and back to where the threads can be knotted together.
  9. Run the threads back through the work before trimming with the nipper tool.
  10. Drop some GS Hypo Cement on the knot.
  11. Using the jump rings, add the trigger clasp to one end and just a jump ring the other end to complete the necklace.
Tools and Materials Needed:

Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 4mm, Tanzanite- 12pc
Sparkle Drawn Cable Chain By The Foot, Hot Pink, 2x3mm- 16 1/2"
Silver Filled Trigger Clasp, 11mm- 1pc
Sterling Silver Jump Rings, Open, Bag of 10, 4.5mm, 20 Gauge- 2pc
Supplemax, .012 in, 50M WHITE- 2ft
G-S Hypo Cement
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool

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