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Berry Cute Necklace Project
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Berry Cute Necklace Project

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  1. Use your nipper tool to cut three pieces of wire of the appropate length.  My necklace is 16 inches, so I cut my pieces to about 20 inches so I would have plenty of room for crimping. 
  2. String about 5 1/2 inches worth of seed beads in a random order onto all three pieces of wire.  Then, string them together through a rose bead. 
  3. String about an inch worth of seed beads in random order on each individual piece of wire and again string them together through a rose bead. 
  4. So that we have two strands going through the pendant, bring two pieces of wire together and string them through about two inches of seed beads.  String the other piece of wire through two inches of seed beads separately.  String the pedant over these two inches.  Follow the directions in steps two and three to make your necklace symmetrical.
  5. When you're finished stringing, use crimp beads to attach your three strand clasp.  Be sure that all four of your rose beads are facing upwards before your crimp.
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