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Beading Mind Map

This is what we call our Beading Mind Map. A mind map is everything we want to say about something in a structured hierarchy. It is very similar to a detailed outline of a book, but better because it functions as a living document. Any page in the structure can be linked to independently and you can easily explore the structure back and forth to find just the information you want without have to read everything sequentially like in a book.

Our Beading Mind Map is a "living book" that can be read in any order at any level of detail desired, and over time become a large and detailed repository of all our beading knowledge.

The vision is that over time we have a reference on beading that has more depth and relevance than anything else out there, far superior to any beading books, web sites, or Wikipedia articles. It is a living library of bead wisdom that grows over time.

Please collaborate with us to grow our beading wisdom. Share your knowledge of beading, whether in the form of a short tip or as a full-length article, Contact Us using Department: Content Submissions.
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