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"I have been a Beader's Advantage Member for years now and I love it. I send an order about once a week but I NEVER shop for beads elsewhere. Aunties Beads is the best I have ever found and I love the speed on shipping, quality of beads and beading supplies, and the ordering accuracy on my orders."
- Joy from Shelby, Iowa

"... I'm never disappointed in the quality of your merchandise, the price points, the speed at which you deliver, the superior packaging materials, and the little surprises you always include."
- Diana from Central Ohio

"I couldn't believe how fast my order came. Love the videos, they're a lot of fun and helpful. The website is awesome! Thank You!"
- Chris from Missouri

"I love ordering through! ... With your website I can get most everything I need in a very short period of time ... Thank you for being my go-to bead supplier!"
- Michelle via mobile

I so much appreciate the fast service and the fast shipping when I order from Aunties's Beads! Absolutely love Beaders' Advantage!
- Shelby from Oregon
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Beading Community

Beading is often a solo craft activity. But it doesn't have to be. You can share your work and get encouragement from others. This can be done locally by getting involved in a local bead society. But if you live in a remote area or a small town this might not be practical. One of the best ways no matter where you live, is to join an online beading community. We host a great one on Facebook, called Bead Chat. You can share pictures of your work, ask questions, and get advice from other beaders worldwide.

What do you do to share with and support the beading community? Share your ideas with us. Post your article on social beading to Contact us under Department: Content Submissions. We'll add your thoughts to our Beading Mind Map!

Bead Chat Shout Outs:

"Hello Auntie's Beads folks! I'd like to give a review and a shout out in regards to the Bead Chat group on facebook. It is my favorite group (artsy wise) and I love it! I go here for not only inspiration but I've received many friends I wouldn't know otherwise. Our group is the most helpful, supportive, kind group I am aware of in the crafting community. Thank you for creating it!"

- Linnea M.,