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Bangle Bound Bracelet
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Bangle Bound Bracelet

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  1. Start wrapping the bangle with about 2" tail of leather until you get about an inch or so on.
  2. Carefully place a bit of zap-a-gap to the next to the leather wrap on the tail end of the leather and place the leather into the glue wrapping once around and only half up the inside, hold while the glue sets with your nail or pliers.
  3. Continue wrapping the leather around the bangle until you have used up the majority of the length or until it looks as if half the bangle is wrapped.
  4. Again glue the leather in place carefully as before.
  5. Starting your new color, using more length than needed glue into the half piece on the underside of the bangle so that the wraps pick up where you left off!
  6. Continue wrapping until you have completely covered the bangle glue the end as before and trimming any excess with your nipper tool to complete!

Tools and Materials Needed:

Raw Brass Domed Bracelet Bangle, 3/8"- 1pc
1mm Leather Cord, Blue, 2 Yard Coil- 2yd
1mm Round Leather Cord, Light Brown- 2yd
Zap-A-Gap Quick Drying Adhesive, .5 oz
Nipper Tool

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